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A Subform is a secondary form that lets you add multiple line items to your primary form. A Subform can be used in order forms, booking forms, application forms, and more to collect additional details associated with the primary form. For example, when respondents place orders using your order form, they can add multiple products as entries in a Subform, and the number of products can vary with each order.

A Subform can be displayed either as an In-line form element or as a Pop-up. The Subform responses can be included in the Thank You page and email notifications as a table or a summary. The values from a Subform can be used in the Formula field to perform calculations and while collecting payments from your respondents.

Adding a Subform

To add a Subform to your form, 

  1. Drag and drop the Subform field from Advanced Fields to your form builder.
  2. In the Subform pop-up, drag and drop the required fields and define the field properties.

    Build a Subform
Note: You can add up to 25 fields in a Subform and up to 5 Subforms in a form. 

Subform Entry Limit

You can restrict the number of entries that can be entered in a Subform.
  • To set a constant entry limit, enter the minimum and maximum values under Entry Limit in Subform properties. 
  • To set a limit based on form inputs, select the respective fields instead of entering values under Entry Limit in Subform properties. 
Note: The maximum entry limit in a Subform is 100.

Validate duplicates in the Subform

When you do not want duplicate entries in your Subform, you can apply the duplicate check validation. You can configure this for individual fields as well as for a combination of fields. 

Validating duplicate entries for an individual field in Subform

With this option, you can restrict duplicate values for the selected field within a Subform.
  1. Click the Subform field and open the Field Properties pane.
  2. Under Validation, select No duplicates.

    Validate duplicate entries for a field in Subform

Validating duplicates for a combination of fields in Subform

With this option, you can select a combination of 2 or 3 Subform fields and restrict duplicates only when all values of the selected set of fields are duplicated. For example, if the Phone and Email fields are selected as a combination, the entry will be marked as duplicate only if both the Phone and Email fields contain duplicate values in a row. If not, the entry will be accepted as valid. 

  1. Click on the Subform header and open the Subform Properties.
  2. Under No Duplicates for Combination of Fields, click Select Fields.

    Validate duplicates for a combination of fields in Subform
  3. In the pop-up, pick the fields that you want to check duplicate entries for and click Save.

    Check duplicates for a combination of multiple fields
  1. Supported field types for validation: Single Line, Number, Phone, Email, Date, Time, Date-Time, Dropdown, Radio.
  2. For a specific Subform, you can either configure validation for individual fields or validation for a combination of fields.
  3. You can select a maximum of 3 fields as a combination to be checked for duplicates.
  4. Duplicates will be validated only within the selected Subform. Values from outside the selected Subform and other form entries will not be validated. 

Serial numbers for Subform entries

You can include serial numbers to uniquely identify and maintain a count of the entries added to a Subform. 

To display the serial numbers for the live Subform entries,

  1. Go to the Subform Properties.
  2. Under Serial Number for Entries, select Show Serial Numbers, and save the Subform.

Sum of field entries in a Subform 

You can choose to display the sum of all the numeric values entered for a field in your Subform.

To do so,

  1. Click on a Numeric field in a Subform and open the Field Properties.
  2. Under Sum of Subform Entries, enable the Show Field Total option. 

The sum of field entries from a Subform can be included in the Thank You page and email notifications by merging the Subform responses using the merge tags. 

Supported Field Types: Number, Decimal, Currency, Formula, Slider
Note: The sum will not be displayed in the live Pop-up Subforms and forms accessed via mobile browsers. As an alternate, you can add a Formula field to your form below the subform and calculate the sum of field entries in Subform in this case.

Types of Subform

A Subform can be displayed either as an In-line form element or as a Pop-up. To choose the Subform type, navigate to the Subform Properties panel, click the Type of Subform dropdown, and select an option.

This type of Subform lets you collect entries in multiple rows. When a respondent clicks the + icon in the live form, a new row will be added. You can customize each field's width in an in-line Subform by clicking Modify Width under Subform Properties. 

In-line Subform

This type of Subform can be used when you have more fields in your Subform to collect details. When a respondent clicks + Add Entry in the live form, the Subform will open in a pop-up for each entry. The summary of Pop-up Subform entries will be displayed as shown. The + Add Entry label in the Subform can be renamed according to your preference under Subform Properties.

Pop-up Subform

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