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Multi-page Forms

While you build a form with numerous questions, the form can look unorganized if you keep adding questions without breaking them up into pages and sections. This might result in a drop in the response rate as your respondents may find the form filling experience to be cumbersome. To organize sections into separate pages and provide a clean form filling experience to your respondents, you can use the Page Break field in Zoho Forms.

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Creating Multiple Pages

Build a multi-page form

To split your form into multiple pages,
  1. Add a Page Break field from the Basic Fields af ter the last field of a page or in between two fields to create a new page.
  2. Under Page Properties , enter a suitable title for each page.  To change the order in which the pages must appear in the form, click  Rearrange .
  3. To show or hide the page title from the Navigation bar or the page header, choose from the options under Show page title in .
  4. To change the appearance of the Navigation bar or hide it, choose from the options under Navigation Options .
  5. Choose whether to validate the form fields on each page before the respondent navigates to the next page or on final submission under  Field Validation .
  6. To include the page number in the footer of each page, select Display Page Number under Other Options .
  7. If you have enabled the   Save & Resume   option to allow respondents to save their partially filled form, yo u can choose to  Provide Save button in every page  under  Other Options . With this option, respondents can save their progress after each page and avoid accidental data loss.

To navigate your respondents to specific pages based on their responses, configure the Page Rules .

Changing Navigation Button Labels

In a multi-page form, you will find Next and Back buttons in the footer of each page to navigate between pages. You can change the label of these buttons as per your preference.

To do this, click the button and change the label name under Properties .

Duplicating a Page

If you are looking to create a new page with the same set of fields in another page, you can save time by duplicating that entire page with all the fields.
To do this, 
  1. Click the page title of the page that you wish to duplicate.

  2. Click the Duplicate   icon as shown.

    Duplicate a page

Note :
  • Unique ID, Subform, Zoho CRM, and Payment fields will not be duplicated when you duplicate a page.

  • Field encryptions should be configured again in the duplicate page. 

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