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Customizing your Form

To customize your form appearance,
  1. After building your form, navigate to the Themes tab.

  2. Click Customize Form.

  3. Under Form Customization, customize the appearance of your form, Subform, and the pages in your form.

  4. You can:

  1. Change Background
  2. Insert logo
  3. Change Font Settings
  4. Add Shadow
  5. Insert Border
  6. Change Alignment
  7. Adjust Opacity
  8. Modify Form Width

When you are done customizing your form, click Apply to apply the customization to your form.

To remove the customization and restore the default theme, click Restore theme defaults in the top-right corner. This will affect all the forms where this customization has been applied. 

Changing Background  of your Form

You can customize the background of your form and choose to apply different backgrounds to different sections of your form. You can either set a pattern or use an image as the background to suit your requirement.

To set a pattern as the background,
  1. Under the Form tab, select Wallpaper under the Background section in the dropdown.
  2. Select Pattern under Background Type and choose your preferred pattern.
  3. Select a color and adjust the opacity as required.

    Set a pattern as form background
To set an image as the background,
  1. Under the Form tab, select Wallpaper under the Background section in the dropdown.
  2. Select Image under Background Type. You can either Upload an image from your desktop, or click Search from Unsplash to use a high resolution image from Unsplash.

  3. Select a color and adjust the opacity as required.

    Set an image as form background
For better brand recognition, insert your business logo in your form header while customizing a form.

To insert a logo,
  1. Under the Form tab, select Header under the Form section in the dropdown.
  2. Click Logo and upload the image of your business logo.
  3. Once inserted, you can adjust the alignment and size of the image.

Insert logo in form

Changing Font Settings  

You can choose to change the font style, size and color of text elements in different sections of your form.

To modify the font settings,
  1. Select the form element you wish to change the font settings for under the FormSubform or Page tab.
  2. Click Font.
  3. Customize the text element by selecting the color, font family, style/weight, and the size of the font.

Adding Shadow  

You can add shadow effect to your form for extra visual appeal.

To add shadow,
  1. Select a form element for which you wish to add the shadow effect under the FormSubform or, Page tab.
  2. Click Shadow, and specify the shadow range and color. 

Inserting Border   

You can add a border to your form or specific sections of the form, Submit button, form footer, form header, section breaks, and more.

To add a border,
  1. Select a form element you wish to add border for under the FormSubform, or Page tab.
  2. Click Border and change the width, style, color of the border and adjust the opacity. 

Changing Alignment  

You can change the alignment of your form, form header, Submit button, and more.

To change the alignment,
  1. Select a form element you wish to change the alignment for under the FormSubform, or Page tab.
  2. Click Alignment and set the required alignment.

Modify Form Width   

You can adjust the width of your form as per your requirement.

To modify the form width, under the Form tab, select Container under the Form section and choose Form Width.
  • To set a fixed form width, select Standard and specify the width of the form in pixels. The permitted range is from 320 px to 1200 px.

  • To let the form width automatically adjust to the screen size, select Fit to screen.

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