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Themes Gallery

The Themes Gallery consists of certain pre - designed themes that you can instantly apply to your form. You can also design custom themes here to apply to your form and store them for reuse in other forms.
Zoho Forms Themes Gallery lists the themes pre-designed for your convenience.
To use an existing theme,
  1. After building your form, navigate to the Themes tab.
  2. Under the Themes tab, select a theme that suits your requirement.
  3. Hover over a theme to Preview or Apply the theme to your form.
The My Themes gallery lists the themes designed by you for reuse.You can either apply the designed theme to the current form or use it in the future.
To create a new theme,
  1. Go to the Themes tab.
  2. Under the My Themes tab , click + New Theme.
  3. In the Theme Editor, you can customize a theme as per your preference.
  4. Click Save as New Theme to save the designed theme. In the popup, enter a Theme Name and click Save. The theme will be saved and listed under My Themes
  5. To preview, apply, edit, or delete the theme, hover over the theme.

Publishing Themes to your Org Users

You can publish the saved themes under the My Themes tab with all the users in your Zoho Forms organization.
To publish a saved theme,
  1. Under the My Themes tab, hover over the theme that you wish to publish to your org users.
  2. Click Publish to Org. The published themes will be visible to your org users under the Org Themes tab.

    Publish theme to your org users
You can filter the saved themes to view the themes published by you using the filter icon in the right corner.
Note: If you unpublish or delete a theme published to your org users, the forms that use the published theme will switch to the Classic Theme.

Using the Org Themes

The themes published by the users in your Zoho Forms organization will be listed under the Org Themes tab.

If you wish to apply a published theme to your form,
  1. Under the Org Themes tab, hover over the theme that you wish to apply.
  2. Click Apply to apply the published theme as a custom theme to your form. 

    Alternatively, click the Use option to use the published theme without any customization.

  1. If you choose the Use option, any changes made to the published theme by the Theme owner will be applied to all the forms where the theme is used.
  2. If a published theme is unpublished or deleted by the Theme owner, your forms that use the published theme will switch to Classic Theme.

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