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Document Merge using WebMerge


Auto-populate WebMerge documents with form responses using Document Merge. You can create and send personalized PDFs, images , spreadsheets, and more.

To do this, you need to set up a template and map fields under the template settings. Once done, you can decide on how the document gets merged and reaches the respondents as shown below:

  • Notifying customers instantly  - To notify every respondent with the merged document, create an  automated email   and add the WebMerge document as an attachment. This way, each time a form submission occurs, the template is populated with the field responses and sent via emails.
  • Manually merge documents  - You can follow a  manual merge   process to merge and create populated documents for certain form submissions. This way, if you have any Delivery Options set for your template inside your WebMerge account, the documents are delivered for the specific merged form submissions.
  • Automatically merge documents  - You can automatically merge the form responses into the WebMerge template and deliver populated documents for every form submission that comes in. For this, you need to set up an integration with WebMerge. Learn more   about setting up the WebMerge integration.

Setting up WebMerge Template

To set up a template in WebMerge,
  1. Create the desired document in WebMerge.
  2. In your form builder, navigate to  Settings > Document Merge   in Zoho Forms.
  3. Choose  Configure  option next to WebMerge.

    Document Merge using WebMerge
  4. Enter your WebMerge credentials.

  5. Choose your WebMerge document from the drop-down.
  6. Map the WebMerge fields to the corresponding fields in Zoho Forms. These fields will be auto-populated with the field responses.
  7. Click  Save .

Merging images and signatures into the document

You can merge the images you receive from the  Image Upload  field and signatures from your  Signature  field into your WebMerge document.

To include images
  • If a single image is to be uploaded for an Image Upload field:
    In the WebMerge editor, click the image icon and enter the  URL  as the field name with a "$" sign within "{}" and include "[0]" at the end. For example,  {$candidate_photo[0]} . Add the  Alternative Text  and set the dimensions as you need. 
  • If multiple images are to be uploaded for an Image Upload field:
    In this case, you can contextually place those multiple images into your document. For this, add the below syntax during the document creation in WebMerge.

    {foreach from=$fieldname item=value}

    For example:
    {foreach from=$imageupload item=equipment_front_view}

    Now you need to set the image info before the  {/foreach}  tag .  For this, click the image icon in the editor and add the text of the  item  with a "$" sign included in a "{}". Enter the  AlternativeText  such that it relates to your field and set the dimensions as you wish.

To include signatures

Click the image icon in the WebMerge editor and enter the syntax  {$filename}  as the  URL.  Enter the  Alternative Text  and set the dimensions as needed. The  filename  can be a text that relates to your signature field. For example,  {$Signature}.

Note :

  • The  Alternative Text  you add here is for your reference, and it appears in your template. It doesn't get reflected into your merged document.
  • The text after the "$" sign in the syntax will appear for the field mappings in your WebMerge template settings.

Sending merged documents with email notifications

To send a merged document along with the email notification,

  1. In your form builder, navigate to  Settings > Email Notifications .
  2. Configure your email. You can choose to send the email to your respondents or your organization's users.
  3. Select  Attach merged document .
  4. Save your changes.          

Once this has been set up, form responses will be automatically populated in your WebMerge template, and the merged document will be sent along with the email every time a submission is made. You can create as many templates as you wish using WebMerge. They allow you to create documents in different formats including PDF, Word and more.

Note If you have configured email notifications in WebMerge as well, both the Zoho Forms' email and WebMerge email will be sent.

Manually merge a form response with a document

To manually merge form responses with a WebMerge template,

  1. Navigate to the  All Entries  section of your form to view the entries received.
  2. Choose the form entry that needs to be merged from the list.
  3. Click  Merge  and choose  WebMerge  from the drop-down.

    Manually merge a form response with a document
Note : To view the status of the merge, check the  Mail Merge Status  column provided in the  All Entries  section.

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