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Document Merge using Zoho Writer

Auto-populate Zoho Writer documents with form responses using Document Merge. You can create and send personalized PDFs, word documents, and more. 
Merge documents

The merged documents can be attached in an email and sent to all respondents, either through an 
automated email  or to selected respondents  manually . You can further get these documents  signed digitally using Zoho Sign .

Setting up Document Merge using Zoho Writer

To set up a document in Zoho Writer,

  1. Navigate to  Settings  >  Document Merge  and click  Configure  next to Zoho Writer.

    Document Merge using Zoho Writer

  2. In the pop-up, specify the Template Name
  3. If you are looking to send this document as an email attachment, specify the Attachment Name and the Attachment Type To include a field's response in the attachment name, click the merge icon and choose the required field.
  4. Click Create . You will be redirected to the new Zoho Writer template created.

  5. You can personalize your template by including your respondent's answers in it. Go to  Fields  > Merge Fields . From the list of fields, click the required fields. The form fields will be replaced by your respondents' answers.
  6. You can display different things in your merged documents based on the respondents' answer for certain form fields. To do this,  Go to  Fields  >  Merge Fields  and click Condition under Advanced Merge Fields Learn more  on the conditional merge setup.
  7. You can include signatures, images, and other form attachments in your merged document template. To do this, go to  Fields > Signer Fields > Signature/ Attachment under  Insert Fields  in Zoho Writer.
  8. To generate two or more document templates using the same form, click on the + New Template  in the top-right corner of the page.

Note : Zoho Writer has limits on the number of merges you can generate with your account. All users in Zoho Forms' Free plan and paid plans can perform up to 10 merges per day, and up to 200 merges a month.

If you're looking for bulk merge-limits, or to increase your monthly limits, please subscribe to the new Document Automation add-on from Writer.  Learn more

Sending merged documents with email notifications

To send a merged document along with the email notification,

  1. In your form builder, navigate to  Settings  >  Email Notifications  under Notifications .
  2. Configure your email. You can choose to send the email to your respondents or your organization's users.
  3. Select  Attach merged document .
  4. Save  the changes.          

Once this has been set up, form responses will be automatically populated in your Zoho Writer template, and the merged document will be sent along with the email notification triggered each time a form entry is received. You can create as many templates as you wish using Zoho Writer.

Manually merge a form response with a document

To manually merge form responses with a Zoho Writer template,

  1. Navigate to the  All Entries  section of your form to view entries received.
  2. Select the form entry that needs to be merged from the list.
  3. Select  Merge  >  Zoho Writer  >  Document Merge.
  4. Select a document from the drop-down and click  Merge
  1. To view the status of the merge, check the  Mail Merge Status  column provided in the  All Entries  section.
  2. The shared users of a report will be able to merge documents only if you have given them the  Read/Write/Merge permission

Merge and get form responses signed using Zoho Sign

You can get form responses signed and verified by multiple people in your organization using Zoho Sign.

To merge and get form responses signed,

  1. Configure the document merge setup using  Zoho Writer .
  2. Navigate to the  All Entries  section of your form to view form entries received.
  3. Select the form entry that needs to be signed and verified from the list.
  4. Choose  Merge  >  Zoho Writer  from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select  Merge and Sign  from the subsequent drop-down menu.

    Merge and get form responses signed using Zoho Sign
  6. In the pop-up, you can do the following under  Zoho Sign Settings:

    Needs to sign : If   you need someone to sign a particular merged document, enter their email address and select   Needs to sign  in the dropdown menu next to the email address field.

    Receives a copy : If 
    you wish to send a signed copy of the merged document to someone, enter their email address and select  Receives a copy  in the dropdown menu next to the email address field.
  7. To send the merged document in consecutive order, check the  Send in order  box.

  8. Once the intended signers are added, click  Continue .
  9. A new window will open. This will take you to the  Edit Document Details  window of your  Zoho Sign  account. Here, all details regarding the current merged document will be displayed. You can add or import more signers to the list, add yourself as a signer, set reminders, and give a brief description of the document being sent for signing. 
  10. Click  Continue  to proceed.
  11. The merged document template will open, where you can drag and drop fields such as Signature, Job Title, Email, and Sign Date for the intended signers. When you're done, click  Send .

  12. A dialog box will open to confirm the intended signers and the number of fields added for the signing process. Click  Confirm  to send the document.

    Once this is done, the document will be mailed to the list of intended signers and recipients who will receive a copy of the document. 
Note : To view the status of the document, check the  Zoho Sign Status c olumn in the  AllEntries  section.

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