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Setting up Language Translation

The Language Translation option in Zoho Forms helps you reach a wide range of respondents for your form by overcoming language barriers globally. Using this option, you can share your form in multiple languages, allowing respondents across the globe to understand the questions in their native language and respond appropriately. You can configure Form Rules to trigger actions based on the form language and acknowledge your respondents for their entries in the desired language.

                       Multilingual forms

By default, your form language will be the one used to build your form. Learn more about changing your form builder language.

To translate your form into a different language,
  1. After building your form, navigate to the Settings  tab and click Language Translation from the left menu.
  2. Click Start Translating.
  3. In the Form Language dropdown, you can choose to change the default form language.
  4. In the Translate To dropdown, select the language you wish to translate your form from the list of langua ges.

    Setting up Language Translation
  5. Click Translate.
  6. In the  Translation Settings pop-up, you can view the translation applied to your form and modify the translated content as required under the following sections:

    Form Content
    Under this section, you can change the translated versions of the Form Name, Form Description, Form Tab Title Save, Review, and Submit buttons. 

    Field Content
    Under this section, you can modify the translated content for the field labels, field elements, field instructions, choices of choice-based fields, navigation buttons of a multi-page form, Subform field labels, etc.

    Note: If you have customized the field labels, or applied text formatting to the content in the Description and Terms and Conditions fields while building your form, the customization will not be carried over to the translated version. You will have to re-apply the same to the translated content. 

Acknowledgment Content
Under this section, you can change the translated content of the Thank You pages and Splash Messages configured under Acknowledgement and Redirects settings and Form Rules.   

Custom Messages
Under this section, you can change the translated versions of the error messages, validation messages, and other general messages that appear in your live form.

Translation Settings

To translate your form into more languages, repeat the above steps.
You can view a list of all the languages that your form is translated into under Translated Language(s).
If you have modified the content of your form after saving the configuration for a language translation, you will have to re-translate the modified content for the changes to reflect in the live translated form.


  • The Language Translation option is available only in our paid plans.

  • You can configure only up to 10 language translations.

  • To change the form language selected in the Translate From dropdown while configuring a language translation, you must first delete all the language translations that are already configured.

Supported Languages

The supported languages to which you can translate your form are listed below: 
Supported Language ( in all DCs )
Supported Language ( in IN DC, EU DC and US DC )
If you wish to create your form in any language other than the ones supported by Zoho Forms, you can do so in any UTF-8 supported language. You must give the field labels and choices in your preferred language in the form builder.

To customize alerts and error messages, use the custom messages option under Settings and translate the error messages to the desired language.  
If you have configured  Language Translation for your form, the merged field responses in the merged documents will be in the same language as entered by the respondents. To merge translated form responses for the following fields while creating  merged documents using Zoho Writer templates, enable the Send picklist values in form's translated language option:
-Choice-based fields 
-Dropdown in Matrix Choice field
-Title in Name field
-Country list in Address field 

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