Zoho CRM Integration | Update a record in Zoho CRM - Zoho Forms

Updating Existing Record


If you want to let your respondents view and modify certain records in Zoho CRM using your form, you can use the Update Record option in Zoho Forms. To use this option, you must add the Zoho CRM field to your form which looks up records from the Zoho CRM modules and prefills the fetched data in the form. The respondents can edit the prefilled data in the form and submit their entry. The Update Record option replaces the existing records in Zoho CRM with the modified values. You can also send a pre-filled form to a list of contacts in your Zoho CRM and update their responses in Zoho CRM.

Update Record option can overcome the following limitations of the Upsert Record action for updating existing records in Zoho CRM:

  • All the Zoho CRM fields mapped to Zoho Forms fields to add new record will be updated with the new values in Zoho CRM.

  • There is a possibility of losing data when blank form fields upsert existing field values in Zoho CRM.


To update a record in Zoho CRM using Zoho Forms,

  1. Add and configure the Zoho CRM Field in your form.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab and click Zoho CRM.

  3. Click Update Record. The Module, Layout, and Lookup Selection selected while configuring the Zoho CRM Field in your form will be auto populated.

  4. Map the Zoho CRM fields that you wish to update with the corresponding Zoho Forms fields.

    Update Existing Record in Zoho CRM

  5. If you have a Subform in Zoho Forms, you can map the Subform fields that you wish to update with the corresponding Subform fields in Zoho CRM.

    Note: When you update Subform entries in Zoho CRM using the Update Record option, all existing entries in Zoho CRM Subform will be erased, and replaced with the new values.
  6. You can select the Actions to be triggered in Zoho CRM each time an entry is updated in Zoho CRM via Update Record option.

  7. Click Integrate to save your settings.

Distribute prefilled forms from Zoho CRM   

To send a prefilled form to a list of contacts in your Zoho CRM and update their responses in Zoho CRM,
  1. Configure the setup in Zoho Forms to update record in Zoho CRM.

  2. In your Zoho CRM, enable Pre-population of Data under Settings > MARKETPLACE > Zoho > Zoho Forms.

  3. You can include the pre-configured form's link directly while drafting an email to a selected contact in Zoho CRM or insert the form's link while configuring an email template for a module in Zoho CRM .

  4. Pick your contacts from the Zoho CRM module and send the configured email with the link to a pre-filled form. Learn more about how this option works.  

Trigger Actions in Zoho CRM while Updating Records 

You can choose to trigger certain actions in Zoho CRM each time a record is updated in Zoho CRM using the Update Record option in Zoho Forms.

Trigger Actions in Zoho CRM

Automation & Process Management: This option triggers your Workflow Rules, Blueprint, CommandCenter, and Approval Processes in Zoho CRM while updating an existing record via Zoho Forms.

Note: Reviewing processes are not supported while updating records.

Attachment & Signature:
This option sends attached files and signatures from Zoho Forms to your Zoho CRM account while updating an existing record in Zoho CRM. The following attachments can be pushed from Zoho Forms to Zoho CRM:

  • Signatures

  • File upload/ Image Upload field attachments

  • Merged documents (only the documents sent via email notifications can be pushed to Zoho CRM)

  • PDF of form submissions

Note: If you have configured to store your file attachments in Zoho WorkDrive using Manage Form Attachments, only the attachment link from Zoho WorkDrive will be pushed to the Zoho CRM module.

Tag Records: This option adds a tag to the records updated in Zoho CRM using Zoho Forms. You can enter a Tag name of your choice or use a form field value as a tag. You can also enter existing tag names created in Zoho CRM to associate the records with that tag.


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