Zoho PageSense Integration | Zoho Forms - User Guide

Zoho PageSense Integration

Zoho Forms - Zoho PageSense integration helps you to get analytical insights on how your form respondents interact with the various fields in your form. Using this integration, you can create and launch form analytics in Zoho PageSense to analyze how your respondents engage with your form, whether they submit the form entry successfully or where they drop out while filling out your forms. These insights can be used to build better and more interactive forms thereby improving the submission rate.

Integration Setup

  1. In your Zoho PageSense account, create a ne project  in t he respective portal under which your experiment is to be created via integration.
  2. After building your form in Zoho Forms, navigate to  Integrations  tab and click  Zoho PageSense .
  3. Click  Integrate. 
  4. Select your  Portal Name  and the  Project Name  where you want to create an experiment under Form Analytics in Zoho PageSense.
  5. Enter an  Experiment Name  of your choice. This experiment will be created under  Form Analytics .
  6. Under  Choose Fields , pick the fields that you want to track. Only th e supported fields for this integration will be listed. 

    Zoho PageSense Integration setup
  7. Click  Integrate  to save your settings.
  8. To add more fields for tracking analytics, click  +Add Fields .

  9. You can view the interaction metrics on different form fields such as hesitation time, abandonment rate, and submission time, under the  Reports  tab of your experiment in Zoho PageSense. 

    Form metrics 
    Once you integrate your form with Zoho PageSense, you'll be able to view the following metrics in PageSense's FORM METRICS tab:  

    • The number of unique website visitors, and the total visits made by them

    • The average time spent by your audience to submit a form

    • The number of visitors who have interacted with at least one field of your form

    • The number of visitors that have successfully submitted the form

    • The number of visitors that didn't submit the form

    Analyzing these metrics will give you an overall picture about how effectively your form does the job of converting visitors into leads. 

    Field metrics 

    The data listed under PageSense's FIELD METRICS tab will give you an idea about how users have interacted with each and every individual field in your form. The following metrics will be listed against all the fields you've chosen to be tracked by PageSense:

    • The number of visitors who have clicked on the field

    • The number of visitors who have entered information in the field

    • The number of visitors who have interacted with the field, navigated to a different section of your website, and then clicked back again on the field

    • The number of visitors who entered information in the field, partly or completely deleted it, and then re-entered information in the field

    • The number of visitors who have stopped filling the form after interacting with the field

  1. Once integrated, the fields selected for tracking cannot be deselected.
  2. This integration will only help measure the visitor engagement on the integrated form using the PageSense Form Analytics experiment.

Supported Fields

The following Zoho Forms fields can be tracked using this integration:

  • Single line
  • Multi line
  • Number
  • Decimal
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Date
  • Date Time
  • Website
  • Currency
  • File upload
  • Image upload
  • Address
  • Name
  • Dropdown
  • Time
  • Decision box
  • Multiple choice
  • Terms conditions
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Formula

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