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Ways to send Zoho Sign Document

While integrating your form with Zoho Sign, you can choose to send your document to the recipient in the following ways under the Recipient Details section.  

Send documents manually  

If you select the I will send the document manually option, you will have to manually select form entries received and send the document to acquire digital signatures.
To do this,

  1. After setting up the Zoho Sign integration, go to the All Entries section of your form.

  2. Select the entries to which you wish to send the document and click Send for Sign.

If you select the Send the document's link to recipients email option, a link to the Zoho Sign document will automatically be sent to the recipient's email on form submission. The recipient can use the link to open the document and sign it.

Redirect to a Zoho Sign document  

If you select the Redirect to Zoho Sign document option, the form will automatically be redirected to the pre-filled Zoho Sign document for the respondent to sign instantly on form submission. For this option to work, there must be only one Needs to sign recipient added in your template and the email address of that recipient should be configured under the Recipients Details section.
Note: If you have embedded the form on your website, follow the steps below for successful redirection to a Zoho Sign document across all browsers.

Redirect to a Zoho Sign document within an iframe   

If you have your form's iframe or JS code snippet embedded in your website and have chosen to redirect the respondent to a Zoho Sign document, you are required to add the domains of the parent website (and the parent iframe(s), if applicable) in order to redirect to the document successfully.

Note: This is a mandatory step for the redirection to work inside an iframe as per the content security policy of Zoho Sign.

To do so,

  1. Click + Add Domain(s).

  2. In the pop-up, enter the domain of the parent website or the iframe URL and click Add.

  1. Certain websites embed your form's iframe within another iframe thereby creating a nested iframe. In such cases, you are required to add the domain of the parent iframe(s) as well.
  2. A maximum of 3 domains can be added.

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