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Setting up an email template

You can create email templates to notify when a form entry is added or an existing record is updated.
To set up an email template,                                                  
  1. Navigate to Settings and select Email Notifications under Notifications.

    Email Notifications Navigation

  2. Go to New Record/Updated Record tab as required, and click Configure.

    New Record
    If you configure your template under the New Record tab, an email notification will be triggered when a new form entry is received. A maximum of two email templates can be configured under New Record. For example, you can configure one template to notify yourself and one to notify the respondent.

    Updated Record: 
    If you configure your template under the Updated Record tab, an email notification will be triggered when an existing record is updated. 
    A maximum of two email templates can be configured under Updated Record.

  3. Select a From address. Learn more about the different From address options

  4. If you wish to display a From Name in your emails, you can configure it by clicking Add From Name below the From address section. 

  5. To send emails to the users within your organization, search for their email address in the To section. 

    To send emails to your respondents, you must include an email field in your form to collect their email address, then click the icon in the To section to include this  email field from your form. 

    You can also send emails to non-Zoho Forms users by entering their email address.

  6. If you wish to send a copy of the email to your team or non - Zoho Forms users and keep them in a loop, click Add Cc under the To address section and enter their email addresses. 

    Email Notification Template

    Note: You can include up to 50 email addresses in the To and CC sections respectively. You can send emails to a maximum of 70 recipients in total, including To and CC addresses.
  7. If you wish to route the responses to your email to a different email address instead of your From address, click Add Reply - To under the To address section and enter the email address.

    Note:  You can include up to 20 recipients in the Reply-To field.
  8. Enter a Subject and draft the email content in Message
    You can merge values from your form responses in the subject line and message by clicking the  (merge) icon and selecting the required fields. 
    You can choose to include all the form fields in the email message by clicking the merge icon and selecting the All Fields option under Form Summary.
    If you wish to exclude the form fields that are left empty in the email message, select the Non-empty Fields option.
    If you are configuring to trigger emails when a record is updated, you can choose to include the fields that are modified in the email message by selecting the Modified Fields option. 
    Note: Form Summary options (All Fields, Non-Empty Fields, and Modified Fields) can be included only once in the email message.

    You can also include images by clicking , links by clicking , and tables by clicking , as well as attach documents by clicking and format the text in the Message.

    Email Subject and Message

  9. You can choose to include the following in your email notifications:

    • To include a PDF copy of form submission as an attachment in the email, select Attach form submission as a PDF. Learn more

    • To provide your respondents with a link to edit their saved responses in the email, select Include a link to allow respondents to edit their responses.
    • To send merged documents as attachments in the email, select Attach merged document. You can send confirmation letters, brochures, receipts, etc., as attachments.
    • To notify your organization users when they submit or update a record using the forms shared with them, select Notify form respondent.

      Click Save.

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