Welcome to Zoho Forms!

Welcome to Zoho Forms!

Transform the time-consuming “collect, stack, and enter” paper form workflow into the much simpler “capture, store, and process” paperless approach with Zoho Forms.

With our easy-to-use form builder, creating a form is simple, with no downloads or installations required.

You can build a form, share it, and start collecting data in just a matter of minutes.

Key Features in Zoho Forms

Go through our User Guide to learn everything there is to know about setting up an online form and use Zoho Forms to its fullest potential.

Build your form

Creating a form should be simple and easy. With our dynamic drag-and-drop interface, even building a complex form is effortless. From a collection of 30+ fields available in our form builder, pick the fields of your choice and ask your audience the right questions. Moreover, you can customize the properties of every field that you use.

Customize the look and style of your form

Looks do matter! To generate the responses that you intend to collect, grabbing your audience's attention is crucial. You can apply your brand's style to your form and impress your website visitors. Include logo and images, modify the fonts, alter the field label's color and add other styling effects to your form. With our exceptional themes builder, design customization can be done without having to write any code at all. You can translate your form into multiple languages and share them globally.
You can use custom domains to showcase your organization's brand in the form URLs shared. 

Custom domains

Share the form with your audience

Embed formsShare easily accessible links

Reaching out to your audience via the right platform is vital to generate responses. You can embed a form in your web pages, share a link of the form in your websites and social media sites, send it via email campaigns or share it with your teammates privately within your organization. Regardless of the type or version of the web browser and the device used by your audience, they will be able to view and submit a form without any disruption.

View form responses and generate reports

Consolidate data
After you are done with creating and sharing a form, next is the important aspect of viewing and analyzing the form entries. With Zoho Forms, you will be able to view and edit the entries under a single roof easily. With the added benefit of generating reports, you can analyze data and gather actionable intelligence. You can schedule and send reports of the form entries to recipients at regular intervals. Zoho Forms also provides a simple built-in analytics for each form where you can find out about the page views, submissions, error score, and conversion rate.

Document merge and PDFs of form submissions

PDF of form submissions
Form entries can be converted into downloadable PDFs and documents. The documents can be shared with your teammates to get their signatures. You can also choose to attach these documents in the emails that you send to your respondents.

Configure various settings in your form

Equipped with a wide range of settings, Zoho Forms can execute various condition-based actions and perform numerous functions behind the screen.
  • You can inform your respondents and teammates about form submissions and other updates through emails.
  • You can configure conditional rules  to trigger certain actions if your respondent's answers match the set conditions.
  • With the double opt-in feature, you can give your respondents the choice of confirming their participation with you.
  • Restrict access to your form based on the form's time span and choose to allow just one response from an IP address or a respondent. You can also set the maximum number of submissions you would want to receive.
  • By configuring a 'Thank You' page, you can acknowledge your respondents with a personalized message, and also choose where to direct them next.
  • You can assign form entries as tasks to the users in your organization and set task permissions.
  • You can configure multiple levels of approval by adding designated approvers from your organization to approve or deny the form entries received.
  • You can showcase your brand name to your audience, by including it in your domain.

Integrate your form with other online apps

To help you with eliminating manual data entry, we present you with a wide range of connectivity options. By integrating Zoho Forms with an online app, you can automatically push your form's data to that app. Moreover, the data pushed from Zoho Forms will be able to trigger various actions and automated workflows that you have set up in your online tools. Explore our various integration options to discover how integrations will help you increase your productivity.

Our mobile app advantage

As a pioneer in mobile data collection, Zoho Forms' mobile app helps you in creating forms and gathering data when you are on the move. With the mobile app, you can access and edit the forms that you've created online, and vice-versa. With the capability of offline data collection, you never have to worry about missing out on collecting data again!


Say goodbye to paperwork!

Sign up for your free-forever Zoho Forms account now. If you have advanced requirements, explore our low-cost pricing plans and subscribe to a plan that meets your expectations.

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