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OTP Verification

When you share a form publicly, Zoho Forms provides you with various options to ensure that you receive form entries from valid users. One such option is OTP Verification where you can choose to send a verification code (OTP) to your respondents' email before providing access to your form to avoid receiving any invalid email entries.

How OTP Verification Works?   

  1. Respondent clicks the public URL of your form.

  2. OTP Verification page opens.

  3. Respondent enters an email address to receive the OTP.

  4. Respondent receives an email with the OTP.

  5. Respondent enters the OTP on the verification page.

  6. Once the OTP is verified, form opens for the respondent to access.

Setting up OTP Verification via Email   

When you configure Email OTP verification, respondents who access your form via public links will be required to enter their email address to receive a One-Time Password and verify it before they can access the form.

To configure Email OTP verification,

  1. In your form builder, navigate to Settings .

  2. Click OTP Verification from the left menu and click Configure Now .

    Configure OTP Verification

  3. Select the From address. If you wish to display a From Name while sending emails, click Add From Name.
    Note : If you select notifications@zohoforms.com to be the From address, then the form admin's email address will be set as From Name by default and this cannot be modified.

  4. You can change the default email Subject and the OTP message to be sent in the email as required.
  5. Enter the time within which the respondents are required to enter the OTP verification code in minutes in OTP expiration time .
  6. You can enter the number of times respondents can opt to resend the OTP code to their email in Number of OTP resend requests allowed .
  7. You can pre-fill an email field in the form with the verified email address by selecting the required form field from the  Link verified email to a form field

    Note :

    • The properties configured for the selected Email field (Domain Validation, Character Limit, No Duplicates validation, email input confirmation) will be applied to the email address entered by the respondent for verification.

    • If you want to restrict your respondent from editing the pre-filled Email field in the live form, select the Disable Field option under Email field Properties.   

  8. To add an extra layer of security and prevent spam entries, you can include a Zoho Forms CAPTCHA under Spam Control and evaluate if it is a human or a bot that is filling your form. Learn more

Click Save .

You can change the default live form OTP messages under Settings tab > Custom Messages .

If you choose to translate your form into different languages, the OTP verification messages will also be translated into the respective languages.

Note :

  • The option to configure OTP Verification is available only in our paid plans.

  • OTP verification cannot be configured if Save & Resume option is enabled in your Form Settings.

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