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Sharing a form publicly

After creating your forms, you can share them as links anywhere on the web or social media and collect responses. The publicly accessible URL of a form, called a permalink, is unique to each form. Anyone with this link can access your form and submit an entry. To restrict the access of a form based on dates, number of responses, etc, check out thform restriction settings.
Once you've shared the form, you can track your form entries with the help of referral parameters

Sharing a link

To get your form's permalink,
  1. In your form builder, click the Share tab.
  2. Under Share With, click Public (which is opened by default when you click the share tab).
  3. Copy the link under Form Permalink (URL) and share it with your audience.
  4. If you'd like to shorten the permalink URL before distributing the link to the public, you can use the Shorten URL option. The shortened URL will be generated below your form's permalink, and you can use this link to receive form submissions.
    Share easily accessible
  5. You can choose to disable the public link at any time using the toggle in the top-right corner.

    Sharing a form publicly


  • The Shorten URL option is available only in our paid plans.
  • If the public URL of a form is disabled, the form will no longer be accessible through links shared via any medium (direct link, social media sharing, email campaigns), or any embed codes used in the web pages.
  • Once the public link of a form is disabled, submitting new entries and Save/Update actions will no longer be allowed.The saved links of a form to resume submissions later will also be disabled.

Sharing forms on social media

You can circulate your form's permalink URL on social media instantly by clicking the social media icons. Zoho Forms has shortcuts to share your form on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To share your form on other platforms, you can use the form's permalink URL. 

Track referrals

To know where your respondents found your form's permalink URL and submitted a response, you can use a tracking parameter ?referrername=<referralwebsite> at the end of your form's permalink URL. You can enter a unique referrername for each source where you share your form. 

This way you will know where most of your traffic is originating from.

If you are sharing your form's permalink URL on Twitter and Facebook, you can add a referrer name as shown below while sharing.

For Facebook:

For Twitter

Tracking Results

To see the tracking results, click All Entries. You can find a column titled Referrer Name. Here, you can filter your form entries based on the referrer name you have defined. 

The referrer name is a simple option used to track the source from where your entries came from. To use advanced UTM tracking parameters for your marketing campaign, check out UTM Tracking in Zoho Forms. 

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