Zoho FSM | Create Requests in Zoho FSM from Zoho CRM Deals

Create Requests in Zoho FSM from Zoho CRM Deals

Usecase: Using a custom button, push Deals in Zoho CRM as Requests to Zoho FSM. Also, create a related list in the Deals record that lists the Requests created for the Deal.

Step 1:  Create a connection for Zoho FSM in Zoho CRM  

To create a connection for Zoho FSM that can be used in Zoho CRM for invoking the Zoho FSM APIs, do the following:
  1. Log in to Zoho CRM.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Developer Hub > Connections and click Create Connection.

  3. In the Create Connection page, select the Custom Services tab and click Create New Service.

  4. In the Create Service page, enter the following details and click Create Service.
    1. Service Name: Zoho FSM
      The Service Link Name will be automatically populated.
    2. Authentication Type: OAuth2
    3. Parameter Type: Header
    4. Generated Client ID, Client Secret
    5. Authorize URL: https://accounts.zoho.com/oauth/v2/auth?access_type=offline&prompt=consent
    6. Access Token URL: https://accounts.zoho.com/oauth/v2/token
    7. Refresh Token URL: https://accounts.zoho.com/oauth/v2/token
    8. Scope: ZohoFSM.modules.all
      Provide values for Scope Display Name.

  5. Click Create Connection.
  6. Do the following and click Create And Connect:
    1. Connection Name: FSMConnection
    2. Select the Scopes ZohoFSM.modules.all

  7. Click Connect in the authentication page.

  8. Click Accept in the authorization page.

In the custom function, where FSM APIs are used via the invokeURL task, use this Connection Link Name.

Step 2: Create a custom button 

Create a custom button in the Deals module to push a CRM Deal as a Request in FSM.
To create a custom button:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields and click the Deals module.

  2. Select the Links and Buttons tab and click New Button.

  3. In the Create Your Button page, do the following and click Save:
    1. What would you like to name the button?: CreateRequestInFSM
    2. Where would you like to place the button?: Details Page
    3. What action would you like the button to perform?: Writing Function
      Create a custom function.

Step 3: Create a custom function 

  1. In the Create New Function popup, enter the following and click Create.
    1. Function Name: CreateRequestInFSM
    2. Display Name: CreateRequestInFSM

  2. In the Deluge Script Editor, click Edit Arguments.

  3. In the Edit Arguments popup, do the following:
    1. Enter the argument name as deal_Id.
    2. For the argument value, type # and select Deals - Deal Id and click Done.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Add the script and click Save.

    dealResp = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Deals",deal_Id);
    if(dealResp != null)
     Summary = dealResp.get("Deal_Name");
      Fetch Account related information
     Account_Name = dealResp.get("Account_Name").toMap().get("name");
     Encoded_Account_Name = zoho.encryption.urlEncode(Account_Name);
     response = invokeurl
      type :GET
     response_data = response.get("data").toMap();
     FSM_Account_id = response_data.get("id");
      Fetch Contact related information
     Contact_Id = dealResp.get("Contact_Name").toMap().get("id");
     Contact_Resp = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Contacts",Contact_Id);
     Contact_Email = Contact_Resp.get("Email");
     responze = invokeurl
      type :GET
     FSM_Contact_id = responze.get("data").toMap().get("id");
     Billing_Address_resp = responze.get("data").toMap().get("Billing_Address");
     if(Billing_Address_resp != null)
      Billing_Address_resp = Billing_Address_resp.toMap();
      bill_add_map = Map();
     Service_Address_resp = responze.get("data").toMap().get("Service_Address");
     if(Service_Address_resp != null)
      Service_Address_resp = Service_Address_resp.toMap();
      ship_add_map = Map();

    terrResp = zoho.fsm.getRecords("Territories");
    terrId = terrResp.get("data").toMap().get("id");

    createMap = Map();
    createMap.put("Territory", terrId);
    create_resp = zoho.fsm.createRecord("Requests",createMap);
    reqId = create_resp.get("data").toMap().get("Requests").toMap().get("id");
    reqId = reqId + ",";
    dealResp = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Potentials",deal_Id);
    fieldVal = dealResp.get("Request_IDs");
    if(fieldVal != null)
     reqId = reqId + fieldVal;
    updateMap = Map();
    updateResp = zoho.crm.updateRecord("Potentials",deal_Id,updateMap);
    return "Function executed successfully";

Create a custom field

In Zoho CRM, create a field Request_IDs of type Single Line. This field will be used to store the IDs of the requests created for the Deal. The request IDs stored in this field will be used to create the related list

To create the custom field:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields. Hover over the Deals module and click on Fields.

  2. Click Create and Edit Fields.

  3. Add a field named Request_IDs and click Save.

Create a related list in the Deals record that lists the requests created for the deal.
  1. Navigate to a Deals record and click Add Related List.

  2. In the Add Related List popup, click Functions.

  3. In the Existing Functions popup, click Create New Function.

  4. In the Create New Function popup, enter the following and click Create.
    1. Function Name: AssociatedRequests
    2. Display Name: AssociatedRequests

  5. In the Deluge Script Editor, click Edit Arguments.

  6. In the Edit Arguments popup, do the following:
    1. Enter the argument name as deal_Id.
    2. For the argument value, type # and select Deals - Deal Id and click Done.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Add the script and click Save.

    response = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Potentials",deal_Id);
    fieldVal = response.get("Request_IDs");
    products = fieldVal;
    productList = products.toList(",");
    responseXML = "";
    for each  productListItem in productList
     rowVal = 0;
     url = "https://fsm.zoho.com/home#/tab/Requests/" + productListItem;
     responseXML = responseXML + "<row cnt='" + rowVal + "'><FL val='Request ID' link=\"true\" url=\"" + url + "\">" + productListItem + "</FL></row>";
     rowVal = rowVal + 1;
    return responseXML;

  9. In the Create Custom Related List popup, click Save.

Testing the use case   

Click the CreateRequestInFSM button in a deals record.
Ensure the contact in the deal is already present in Zoho FSM and also that the has a service address and billing address. Use this custom function to push the contact from CRM to FSM.

A new Request will be created in FSM.

In the Deals record, the related list will be updated with the ID of the request created for this deal.

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