1. Is Zoho FSM part of Zoho One?
    Zoho FSM is not part of Zoho One.

  2. What are the integrations offered by Zoho FSM?
    Zoho FSM is currently integrated with Zoho Invoice/Books.

  3. Can I integrate Zoho FSM with third-party applications?
    Yes, Zoho FSM provides REST APIs (Application Programming Interface) that let you integrate FSM with third-party applications.

  4. Is there a mobile edition of Zoho FSM?
    There is a mobile app for field technicians. It is supported on both Android and iOS. Click here to learn more about the features of the mobile app.

  5. Does Zoho FSM support multiple currencies?
    Yes, along with defining a base currency for an organization, specific currencies can be used for different customers. Click here for details.

  6. Is there multi-language support?
    No, multi-language support is not currently available in Zoho FSM.

  7. Is there a provision for asset management?
    Yes, you can manage the assets associated with a customer and create work orders for these assets. The related work orders can be viewed in the Asset module.

  8. Can Zoho FSM be white-labeled?
    No, Zoho FSM cannot be white-labeled by the customer.

  9. How are taxes defined in Zoho FSM?
    You can add one or more tax rates for the organization created in Zoho Invoice for your business. The taxes defined during initial setup will be added in Invoice and can be edited later at Settings > Taxes in Zoho Invoice.

  10. Can the customer make online payments for the services requested?
    The option to pay online will be available if you enable an online payment processing platform in Zoho Invoice. To do so, navigate to Settings > Online Payments in Zoho Invoice and enable your preferred payment gateway.

  11. In which data centers is FSM available?
    Currently, FSM is available in the United States (US), Europe (EU), India (IN), and Australia (AU) data centers.

    Data Center

    Application URL

    United States (US)



    Europe (EU)



    India (IN)



    Australia (AU)


  12. Is Time sheet management available for Field technicians?
    Yes, timesheets are available for the Field technicians in the mobile app.

  13. Can we restrict the field technicians from creating invoices?
    Yes. One of the feature controls in FSM can be used to determine whether the Generate Invoice option is available to the field technician in the mobile app.

  14. How can the customers approve an estimate?
    The email sent to the customer with the estimate details will have the options to approve or reject it.

  15. Which countries and currencies are supported in FSM?
    Except Bahrain, Kuwait, Mexico, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and U.A.E, all countries and currencies are supported in FSM. During the initial setup following sign up, you can choose any country as your business location.

  16. Is GPS supported in FSM?
    Yes, in the mobile app field technicians can find the accurate navigation to the appointment location using Google Maps. The navigation path to the location of the service appointment can be found by clicking Directions in the appointment details tile (located at the bottom of the All Service Appointments Map View screen).

  17. How can the Admin track the location of a field technician?
    After the field technicians check-in using the mobile app, their GPS location will be visible in the Maps view of the Dispatch Console in Zoho FSM web app.

  18. Can the invoice templates be customized? If so, how?
    Yes, it can be customized at Zoho Invoice > Settings > Templates > Invoices.

  19. How will the Dispatcher/Admin be notified of the field technician's leave if there's no approval process?
    Currently, there is no approval process for leaves. However, the leave information will be displayed in the Gantt view of the Dispatch console, so the Dispatcher/Admin will be able to see that the field technician is unavailable.

  20. Is the pricing calculated based on the number of users?
    No, pricing is not calculated based on the number of users. FSM has a subscription-based pricing.

  21. Is there a bulk import option available in FSM?
    Yes, data can be imported in bulk from external sources.

Work Orders

  1. Is follow-up work order supported in the mobile app?
    Yes, follow-up work order is supported in the mobile app.

  2. What is a Work Type?
    Work Types help to handle commonly requested services. You can predefine the template for your field service tasks. Services and related parts can be linked using a Work Type.

  3. What is the Type field in a work order used for? Is this field customizable?
    The Type field is used to indicate the nature of the service the work order is being created for. This field has two predefined values Service (for providing among others, repair, installation, or maintenance services) and Inspection (for performing diagnostics tasks).
    Consider the example of
    routine heavy equipment inspection. A work order of type Inspection can be created initially. If any repair is deemed necessary, a related work order of type Service can be created.
    This field is not customizable.

Service Appointments

  1. Is there a provision to reschedule appointments? Can we reschedule an appointment for past and future dates?
    Yes. In the appointment details overlay, you have the option to reschedule the appointment. You can change the dates, field technician, and more. Appointments can be rescheduled to past or future dates.

  2. Can the details of an appointment be edited before generating its invoice?
    Invoices are now created for the service line items of a work order and not the appointments, so the details of the appointment are not pertinent to an invoice.

  3. While creating a service appointment, why am I unable to select certain Field Agents or Crews for a service appointment?
    For a field agent or crew to be listed in the Service Resource dropdown of the Create Appointment overlay, the following should be true:
    - The status of the field agent or crew is active.
    - The field agents or crews are assigned to the territory that is chosen in the work order
    - The field agents and crews are active in the territory between the Scheduled Start Date Time and Scheduled End Date Time
    - During the time when a field agent is part of a crew, they will not be available as an individual resource.

Mobile App

  1. Will the mobile app for the field technicians work in offline mode?
    Yes, the field technicians can use the FSM mobile (Android) app in offline mode. 

  2. Is there an accept/deny option for service appointments in the mobile app?
    No, as of now there is no option to accept or deny a service appointment from the mobile app.

  3. How are the trips calculated?
    The trips capture the distance and time taken for the journey undertaken for travelling to a contact service location.

  4. Can customer signature be captured after service completion?
    The customer signature can be captured in the service report created in the mobile app for Field technicians.


  1. Does the FSM-Invoice integration support bidirectional sync?
    Yes, the FSM-Invoice integration does support bidirectional sync.

  2. Is it possible to integrate FSM with an existing Invoice organization?
    Yes, it is possible to integrate FSM with an existing Invoice organization.

  3. Is it mandatory to have a CRM or Invoice account to use FSM?
    It is not mandatory to have a CRM or Invoice account to use FSM. When you create a FSM account for your organization, you can either choose to create a new Invoice account or use an existing account to integrate with your FSM account.

  4. Can Invoices be pushed to third-party accounting systems (e.g. QBO, Xero)?
    Yes. Using Zapier/Custom functions, invoices can be pushed from Zoho Invoice to third party accounting system like QBO, Xero, etc.

  5. Is Avalara AvaTax integration available?
    No, currently this integration is not available.

  6. Is FSM integrated with Zoho Desk?
    No, FSM is not integrated with Zoho Desk.

  7. Is FSM integrated with Google lens?
    No, FSM is not integrated with Google lens.

  8. Can FSM be integrated with Zoho Inventory?
    No, currently FSM cannot be integrated with Zoho Inventory. The integration will however be available after the official launch of the product.

  9. Can FSM be integrated with Zoho Projects?
    No, currently FSM cannot be integrated with Zoho projects.

Future Implementations

  1. Can recurring work orders and service appointments be created?
    No, recurring work orders and service appointments cannot be created. However it will be supported in the future.

  2. Can I build a custom report in FSM?
    No, custom reports cannot be created in FSM.

  3. Is warranty management supported in FSM?
    Warranty management is not supported in FSM.

  4. Is FSM added to the Zoho Affiliate Program?
    Currently, FSM is not added to the Zoho Affiliate Program. It will be done so in the future, and meanwhile, if required, we can make interim arrangements for partners.

  5. Does FSM have a Client Portal?
    No, currently FSM does not have a Client Portal. It will however be available during the product launch.

  6. Is there an approval process in place for the leaves applied by the field technicians?
    No, currently there is no approval process for the leaves.

  7. Is automatic scheduling supported in Zoho FSM?
    No, presently manual scheduling has to be done by the Admin/Dispatcher.

  8. Is Route Optimization available as part of the product?
    No, route optimization is
    planned as a future feature.

  9. Can the estimate be approved with customer signature?
    No, currently this feature is not supported.

  10. Are checklists available in the mobile app?
    No, currently this feature is not available.

  11. Can the template of the estimate sent to the customer be customized?
    No, currently it cannot be customized.

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