Zoho FSM | Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Zoho FSM  is a cloud application that offers an overarching solution for handling the entire life cycle of processes involved in the management and execution of field services. All processes that are pivotal to field services are automated, such as work order management, scheduling, dispatching and tracking of service appointments, and invoicing. This eliminates the burden of paperwork and other tedious manual tasks that usually bog down field service activities. By providing a unified platform that allows users to segue into the different field processes, Zoho FSM helps users carry out their tasks efficiently. The availability of composite, real-time information about the process entities provides users with the visibility that helps enhance first-time fix rates and lessen process errors.

Service appointments can be scheduled based on their territory, and dispatched to the most appropriate agent to ensure minimum turnaround time. The FSM mobile app is a handy tool for the on-the-go field agents, giving them access to pertinent data to complete their assigned tasks swiftly and efficiently. Built-in invoicing features ensure that billing times are greatly reduced, resulting in immediate payments and realization of revenue.

The topics in this guide are divided into two parts: Onboarding and Work Order Management. Onboarding covers the steps immediately following your first sign in to your account.  Work Order Management covers creating your first work order and completing all its affiliated processes.

       1.4 Services offered
       2.4 Start Work
       2.5 Complete Work
       2.6 Generate Invoice
       2.7 Record Payment
       2.8 Close Work Order

1.  Onboarding

When you create an FSM account for your organization, you will be guided through the steps that comprise the Zoho FSM account set up.

You will be required to provide the following information:

1.1 Organization details

  1. The name of your organization
  2. The locale of your organization

You can edit these details later at Setup > General > Organization DetailsPrimary or home currency for your business operations will be selected based on the locale selected.  

1.2 Time and language settings

  1. A common time zone for your organization's Zoho FSM account
    The time zone will be automatically selected based on the locale of the organization you chose in the previous step.
  2. The language that will be used in your account

You can edit these details later at SetupGeneralOrganization Details PreferencesIf you have an existing Invoice/Books account, you can integrate it with your FSM account. Otherwise, a new Invoice account will be created.

1.3 Country-specific Tax Rate(s)  

  1. The tax rates you want to use in your estimates, work orders, and invoices and the tax authority administering them.
Zoho FSM supports taxes for your transactions, with  region-specific tax rules. The tax-related properties can be added for  Services And ProductsContacts, and  Companies. The invoicing and payments in Zoho FSM is powered by Zoho Invoice. 

The taxes defined here can be edited later at Setup Integrations Billing > Tax Setting. The taxes can also be edited at  Settings  >  Taxes  in  Zoho Invoice. 

1.4 Services offered

  1. The services you are providing as part of your business.
    These will be used while creating estimates, work orders, and invoices. Click here for details on how to add services in the application.

2. Work Order Management 

2.1  Create your first Work Order

Work Order
A work order is a record created for executing a contact service request.
To create a work order:
  1. Select the Work Orders module from the Work Order Management menu and click Create.
  2. Enter the following details and click Save:
    1. Summary of the work order
    2. Priority
    3. Type to indicate the nature of the service the work order is being created for.
      Service: For providing, among others, repair, installation, or maintenance services
      Inspection: For performing diagnostics tasks
    4. A Due Date that the work order should be closed by
    5. The Company the contact belongs to
    6. The Contact for whom the work order is being created
    7. The Email address of the contact
    8. The Phone number of the contact
    9. An Asset
      An Asset is added when the service is for a product that you have sold
    10. The Territory in which the customer is located.
    11. Service Address
      This is the address of the contact's location where the service task needs to be carried out. If a Service address exists for the contact, then on selecting a value in the Contact field, that address is filled in the Service address field. If the service address does not exist, then you can choose any other address available for the contact, or click Create New.
    12. Billing Address

    13. Preferred Date1, and Preferred Date2 for the service call
    14. Preferred Time.
    15. Any additional Preference Note regarding the service call
    16. Entries for Services
      These denote the services which have to be delivered for this work order. The services added in the Services And Products module will be listed here. Select a tax rate or choose non-taxable by providing a reason. Click here to find details about setting the tax rates. Enter a percentage for the discount you wish to offer or a discount amount.

    17. Add the Parts necessary for the service tasks.
      For Service, select the service for which the product has been added. Select a tax rate or choose non-taxable by providing a reason. Click here to find details about setting the tax rates. Enter a percentage for the discount you wish to offer or a discount amount.
    18. Add the Skills necessary for the service tasks.
      For Service, select the service for which the skill has been added.

2.2 Create a Service Appointment 

Service Appointment
Service appointments are jobs created for carrying out the services in a work order.
To create a service appointment:
  1. Select the Work Orders module from the Work Order Management menu. Click the work order you want to add the service appointment to.
  2. Click the Manage Appointment button at the top or select the Appointments tab and click Create Appointment.
  3. Enter the following details, then click Schedule:
    1. Summary for the service appointment
    2. The values for Start Date/Time and End Date/Time.
      The Start Date/Time and End Date/Time can be scheduled for different dates
    3. A Service Resource (Field Agent or a Crew)
      One or more resources from the territory can be assigned to the appointment.

 2.3 Dispatch Service Appointment 

To dispatch a service appointment:
  1. Select the Work Orders module from the Work Order Management menu. Click the work order whose service appointment you want to dispatch.
  2. Select the Appointments tab and click the service appointment you want to dispatch.
  3. Click Dispatch.

When a service appointment is dispatched, the field agents assigned to the appointment are notified in their FSM mobile app through push notifications. The FSM mobile app can be downloaded from the links below:

Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoho.platform.fsm

2.4 Start Work  

The lead field agent assigned to the service appointment can update the status of the service appointment from the mobile app. 
  1. Log in to Zoho FSM mobile app and Check-in.

    If the user is checked-in, the All Service Appointments screen for the current date will be displayed. You can also view this screen by clicking All Service Appointments from the left menu.
  2. Select the service appointment from the All Service Appointments screen or the Home screen.
  3. In the  Appointment Details screen, click  Start Work.
    As the field agent commences the work for the service appointment, a timer will start to record the duration of work.


2.5 Complete Work 

When you have completed the tasks for the service appointment, you can update the status of the service appointment. 
  1. Click Complete Work when the tasks for the service appointment is done.
    The screen for creating a service report is displayed.


  2. Create the Service Report to complete the service appointment.
    In the service report, capture the following details and click Save:
         a. Problem Statement for the service appointment
         b. End Date Time for the service appointment
         c. Contact feedback
         d. Contact Signature
Once the service appointment is completed, you can generate the service report for the service appointment.
Service Report
A document capturing the details of the completion of the service appointment that is verified by the contact.

2.6 Generate Invoice 

  1. Select the Work Orders module from the Work Order Management menu and click the work order whose service line items you want to create the invoice for.
  2. Under the Invoices tab, click Create.

  3. In the Create Invoice overlay, select the service line items you want to create the invoice for and click Next.
    If an invoice has been generated for a service line item, then that service line item cannot be selected.

  4. Provide the necessary details and click Generate Invoice.

    The invoice will be created with the status Draft.

  5. Click the Invoice Number to open the invoice draft and click Send Invoice.
    You can also record the payment.

  6. Click Send to dispatch the email.
    You can email the invoice to one or more recipients. The email addresses associated with the contact will be pre-filled by default.

The invoice can be generated from the mobile app as well.

2.7  Record Payment 

In the invoice mailed to the contact, there will be a link for the user to make the payment online. Once the payment is done successfully, the status of the service appointment changes to Paid. If the payment is done offline (e.g. cash), then you can explicitly change the status of the service appointment as explained below.
  1. Select the Work Orders module from the Work Order Management menu and click the work order whose invoices you want to record the payment for.
  2. Select the Invoices tab and click on the Invoice Number to open the invoice.
  3. Click Record Payment.

  4. Click Record Payment in the confirmation message. The status of the invoice will change to Paid.

2.8 Close Work Order 

Once the status of all the service appointments in the work order is Closed, the status of the work order changes to  Closed.

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