Zoho FSM Mobile App

Zoho FSM Mobile App

The Zoho FSM mobile app empowers on-the-go field technicians with all the information they need, to be efficient at work and delight contacts with every appointment. It helps them to be on time for their appointments, attend more appointments in a single day, and complete their appointments in a single visit. It also enables them to update their appointment statuses as they progress with their work.

The FSM mobile app can be downloaded from the links below:

Key Features

  1. Real time notifications to field technicians informing them of their service appointments and any changes in their work schedule
  2. Easily manage appointments for the day in a simple calendar view
  3. Field technicians can find accurate navigation to the appointment location using Google Maps
  4. Has detailed view of what services need to be carried out and the products required for the service
  5. Ability to reach out to contacts through call, email, and SMS
  6. Instantly create a service report and capture the contact’s signature once work is done
  7. Easily capture time taken to complete each appointment
  8. Make changes to services rendered and products needed before invoicing
  9. Capture photos/files from the service location and add it as Notes in the service appointment
  10. Create Follow-up Work Order and Estimate for a service appointment
  11. Field technicians can create Trips, which track the distance they traveled and the route taken for each appointment
  12. GPS location tracking for field technicians
  13. Log time spent working on an appointment using Time Sheets
  14. Offline mode enables users to use the app even without an internet connection

Supported Devices

Requires Android: 5.0 and up  
Requires iOS: iOS 10 and up

Permissions Required

Users with any profile can access the FSM mobile app. However, the features and records that the user can access in the mobile app will depend on the profile assigned to them.


  1. Log in to Zoho FSM mobile app.
    In the Home screen, the following details will be shown:
    - Ongoing Service Appointments or Upcoming Service Appointments
    - Overdue Service Appointments
    - Running Trip
  2. Click Check-in.
    A timer will start to record the time logged in. After the field technicians check in, their GPS location will be visible in the Map view of the Dispatch Console in the Zoho FSM web app. This location will be updated every 15 minutes.


View Service Appointments     

When a service appointment is dispatched, a  push notification is sent to the field technicians assigned to the service appointment. To view the service appointments assigned to them, the field technicians need to do the following: 
  1. Open your Zoho FSM mobile app.
    If the user has checked-in, they will be taken to the All Service Appointments List View screen for the current date. You can also view this screen by clicking All Service Appointments in the left menu. From this menu, you can also navigate to Ongoing Service, Upcoming ServiceOverdue Service and other custom view screens.


  2. In the All Service Appointments List View screen, the list of service appointments for the current date is displayed with the following details:
    1. Name
    2. Status
    3. Start Time and End Time
      The Scheduled Start/End time is shown until the work has been completed. Once the work is completed, the Actual Start/End time is shown.
    4. Duration
    5. Description
  3. Under the All Service Appointments Map View screen, the service location [  ] for the service appointments are displayed.

  4. Click Directions in the appointment details tile (located at the bottom of the All Service Appointments Map View screen) to find the navigation path to the location of the service appointment. 
Note : In the All Service Appointments Map   View  screen, the details of the appointments are shown in tiles at the bottom of the screen. If Location is not turned on, then  is shown. If the device is connected, then  is shown.

Calendar View

In addition to the current date, you can view the service appointments for a period of 20 days. To view the service appointments:
  1. Click the calendar [ ] icon at the top right corner.
  2. Select a date from the carousal to view the service appointments for that date.

Standard List Views

The standard list views provide you with useful groupings of the service appointments. These help you easily find a service appointment. To view the list views:
  1. Select View More in the left menu.

    The All Service Appointments list view will be displayed.

  2. Click on the dropdown to see all the available list views.


Create Work Orders and Appointments

To create a work order:
  1. Select Work Orders, in the left menu.

  2. In the Work Orders screen, click the add [+] icon.

  3. In the Create Work Order page, add the necessary details and click Save.

The created work order can be edited. To edit a work order:
  1. Click the Edit [] icon on the top right side.
  2. Make the necessary changes and click Save.

While editing a work order, its service and billing addresses can be updated, or new ones can be added.

Manage Work Order Addresses

To add an address in a work order:
  1. Click the more options ] icon of the address you want to add the new address to.

  2. In the Add Address screen, do the following and click Save:
    1. Enter the address details.
      From the Address relation dropdown, select the contact or company you want to link the address to.
    2. Enter the tax details, if required.
    3. Click Locate Address to obtain the GPS (Latitude and Longitude) coordinates of the entered address.


    4. In the Select Geo Code screen, you can pinpoint the exact GPS (Latitude and Longitude) coordinates and click Save.

To edit an address in a work order:
  1. Click the more options ] icon of the address you want to edit.

  2. In the Edit Work Order screen, change the desired details.

    If the Also update this address in the <Parent> module checkbox is selected, the modified address will be updated in the parent (Company or Contact) module as well.

Create Appointments

Once the work order is created, Appointments can be created for it. The created appointment will get assigned to the logged in user.

To create a service appointment and assign to oneself (logged in user):
  1. Click Manage Appointment in the Work Order Details screen.
    You can also add an appointment by clicking the add [+] icon under the Appointments tab. If the work order has service appointments, then on clicking Manage Appointment, you will be taken to the Appointments tab.


  2. In the Create Service Appointment screen, add the necessary details and click Schedule and Dispatch.

  3. Click Schedule in the confirmation message.

Work on Appointments

The field technicians assigned to the service appointment can update the status of a service appointment. To view the details of the service appointment and to update the status of the service appointment, the field technician has to do the following:
  1. Select the service appointment from the All Service Appointments List View screen.
    The service appointment can also be selected from under the Appointments tab of a work order.
  2. Under the Overview tab, the following details about the service appointment are listed:
    1. Service Address
    2. Contact Details
    3. Service and Part Line Items
    4. Assigned Technicians
    5. Parent Work Order details
    6. Asset Details (if added)
    7. Service Report (if created)
    8. Follow-up Work Order (if created)
    9. Follow-up Estimate (if created)
  3. The current transition for the service appointment is displayed alongside More Options.
Points to remember
  1. The details of the parent work order can be viewed by clicking in the Work Order details card.

Start Work: Click Start Work to commence the work for the service appointment. In the New Time Sheet page, enter the details for creating a Time Sheet and click Save. A timer will start to record the duration of the work.


In the Overview screen, the following actions can be performed:
  1. The field technician can get in touch with the contact through call, email, or SMS. These options are available in the Contact details card.
  2. Click  in the Service Address card to find the navigation path to the location of the service appointment.
  3. SR location: In the Assigned Technicians section, click  to view the last known locations of the technicians and the service location of the service appointment. The following locations will be denoted by the respective icon:
    Service location: 
    Assigned Field Technician: 
    Other Field Technician: 

  4. Create follow-up work order and estimates
In the Service And Parts screen, the following actions can be performed:
  1. Edit Service and Part Line Items: Click the Edit [ ] icon for a Service or Part Line Item. In the Edit Line Item screen, select the Service or Part line item you want to edit. In the screen for the line item, make the necessary changes and click Save.


  2. Add Part Line Item: Click the Add [  ] icon for a Part Line Item. In the Add Part Line Item screen, make the necessary changes and click Save.

Complete Work: Select this transition when the tasks for the service appointment have been completed.

When this transition is selected, the following happens:
  1. The screen for creating the service report is displayed. When you click Save in the Create Service Report screen, you have the option to mark the parent work order as complete. 

  2. The timer recording the work duration stops.

Generate Invoice

To create an invoice:
  1. Select Work Orders, in the left menu.
  2. In the Work Orders screen, select the work order whose service line items you want to create the invoice for.

  3. Select the Invoices tab and click the add [+] icon.

  4. In the Generate Invoice screen, select the service line items you want to create the invoice for and click Next.
    If an invoice has been generated for a service line item, then that service line item cannot be selected.

  5. Provide the necessary details and click Done.

  6. Select the Invoices tab. Click the invoice to open the invoice draft. Click  to send the invoice to the contact. In the Send Invoice screen, click  to send the invoice. If payment gateways are configured in Zoho Invoice/Books, then the customer can make payments online.
    You can also record the payment.


  7. In the top-right corner of the invoice, click the more options [ ] icon and select Record Payment. Click Record Payment in the confirmation message.


    The status of the invoice will change to Paid.

The billing status of the service line item will be displayed along with the status of the service line item.

Similarly, the status, and billing status of the work order will be displayed in the Work Order List screen and Work Order Details screen.


The maximum number of invoices that can be created for a work order will depend on your  FSM edition. F or a work order, you can create a s many invoices as the service line items allowed f or a work order .

Create Service Report

Service reports can be created for the service appointments. 

Follow-up Work Order and Estimate

You can create a follow-up work order or estimate for an appointment. Click  Create Follow-up Work Order or  Create Estimate from the  more options ] icon at the top-right corner of the  Appointment Details screen. Enter the required details and click  Save.


The created follow-up work order or estimate can be viewed by clicking the  Follow-up Work Order or Estimate cards respectively in the  Appointment Details screen.


Add Notes

You can capture images from the service location and add it as Notes to your service appointment. To add a note:
  1. Select the Notes tab within the service appointment you want to create the note for.
  2. Click the add sign (+) at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click Add Attachment and capture an image or add one from the gallery.
    Maximum size of the image allowed is 20 MB. You can attach a maximum of five attachments.
  4. Click Save.
    The added note will be displayed under the Notes tab.

The notes added from the mobile app will reflect in the Notes tab of the Service Appointment overlay. This means the notes added by the field technician can be viewed by Office users.


The field technician can initiate trips that will capture the journey undertaken for travelling to a contact service location.

To record a trip:
  1. Select the Trips tab within the service appointment you want to create the trip for.
  2. Click the add sign (+) at the bottom of the screen and click Yes in the confirmation message.
  3. Click Stop when the trip is finished. 
Detail of the current ongoing trip is shown in the  Home screen too. Click on a completed trip to see the distance travelled.


The trip distances will be displayed either in Kilometers or Miles depending on the Distance Unit chosen in the organization profile.

The trip details can be seen in the service report of an appointment.

The consolidated details of the trips undertaken by the field technicians can be viewed in the  Trips Report.

Time Sheets

Field Technicians can record the hours they spent for an appointment in Time Sheets.

Apply Time Off

The field technicians can apply for time off in days or in hours. To apply for time off:
  1. Select Time Offin the left menu.

  2. In the Time Off List screen, click the add [+] icon.

  3. Select either Days or Hours and proceed.

The added time off entries can be edited. Click on the particular entry from the  Time Off list view page and make the changes in the  Edit Time Off page.

Profile Details

The user and address information added for the field technician can be viewed by clicking the profile icon in the left menu.

View Notifications

To view the  notifications in the mobile app:
  1. Click the notifications [] icon at the top right corner.
  2. Click a notification to view the details.


Incorrect Device Time

If you encounter the Incorrect Device Time error, try the following methods:
  1. Switching your network: Switch to a different network and try logging in.
  2. Restarting the device: You can restart your device and try logging in to FSM Mobile.

Login Issues 

If you encounter issues while logging in such as being unable to enter your credentials or being unable to proceed past the login screen, try the below methods:
  1. Validate OneAuth
  2. Clearing cookies
Validate OneAuth 
In case you have configured OneAuth in the same device as the one in which you are using FSM Mobile, kindly check the push notification sent to your mobile device during sign in. You will need to accept it to verify yourself.

Clearing cookies
Clear the "accounts.zoho.com" cookies from the FSM Mobile app. This will clear the saved usernames and passwords (only Zoho credentials will be cleared, other site data will be retained). To clear the cookies:
  1. Click the More icon of three vertical dots.

  2. Click the Info icon.

  3. Click Cookies.

  4. Click the Clear Cookie icon.

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