User Management

User Management

Zoho FSM offers a multi-user environment by supporting different profiles. A Profile defines the set of permissions and accessibility within the application. There are four built-in profiles in the Zoho FSM application: AdministratorCustomer Service AgentDispatcher, and Field Technician. While adding a user, the appropriate profile needs to be assigned to it. This way, you can regulate the access that your users have to the application's features and data.


A brief description about the Zoho FSM profiles is given below:
  1. The Administrator will have create/read/edit/delete access to all the data and Setup in Zoho FSM.
  2. The Customer Service Agent will have create/read access to all the standard modules and edit/delete the data to which they are assigned as an owner.
  3. The Dispatcher will have create/read access to all the standard modules and edit/delete the data to which they are assigned as an owner.
  4. The Field Technician will only have access to data which is assigned to them manually by the data administrator. They will only have access to the FSM mobile application.
The diagram below depicts the permissions that each profile has:

Creating Users

To add users to the application:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Workforce > Users and click New User
  2. Enter a First Name and Last Name.
  3. Enter the user's valid Email address that has not already been used to create an account.
    An invitation will be sent to this email address.
  4. Choose a Profile.
    If the Do you want this person to also act as a Field Technician? checkbox is selected, then the user can double as a field technician.
  5. Click Save.

Managing Users

You can perform the following actions on users:
  1. Edit: The user details can be modified.
  2. Reinvite: The email invite to provide access to the FSM account can be re-sent using this option. This option will be available for users with the status Unconfirmed.
  3. Deactivate: The access of the user can be revoked and no tasks can be assigned to the user unless activated again. When deactivated, the status of the user changes to Inactive.
  4. Delete: The access of the user can be revoked and no tasks can be assigned to the user. Unlike the deactivated user, a Deleted user cannot be reactivated.

    Options available for the Super Admin

    Options available for Active users

    Options available for Unconfirmed users

    Options available for Inactive users

Points to remember
  1. In order to edit the profile, deactivate, or delete a user with the profile Field Technician, any appointments assigned to the user should be reassigned.

Deactivating Users

You can temporarily remove a user's access to the application by deactivating them. To deactivate a user:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Workforce > Users and select the user you want to deactivate.
  2. In the User Details overlay, click Deactivate.

  3. Click Deactivate in the confirmation message.
If, there are records associated with the user, then you can deactivate the user only after you have transferred the records to a different user. The details of the records will be displayed.

Deleting Users

To delete a user:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Workforce > Users and select the user you want to delete.
  2. In the Delete User overlay, click Delete.
    When you delete a user, you can transfer records and roles associated with it to another user. Select the user you want to transfer the records to from the dropdown Transfer Ownership to and click Delete to proceed.

You can transfer the following:
  1. Record ownership: All open records associated with the user. The table below lists the modules and the statues of the records that will be considered during the transfer:




    New, Estimate Created, Estimate Rejected, Work In Progress, Completed

    Work Orders

    New, In Progress, Scheduled Appointment, Dispatched   


    New, Approved, Waiting For Approval, Converted to Work Order

     Service Appointments

    New, Scheduled, Dispatched, In Progress, Completed, Payment Due, Invoice Generated

  2. Role of a Crew Lead: If the user is the lead of any Crews, then this role will be transferred to the new user 
Additionally, any Trips, or Time Sheets associated with the user will be forcibly terminated and the user will be logged out of the mobile app.

The user with the role Super Admin cannot be deleted.

User Status

A user can have one of the following statuses:
Active: A user who currently has access to the application based on their permission.
Deleted: A user who has been removed from the application.
Inactive: A user who has been deactivated.
Unconfirmed: A newly created user will be in this state unless the user accepts the invite sent to the its Email address provided during creation.

You can filter users based on the status.

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