An Estimate provides a ballpark figure for how much it would cost to provide the services asked for in a Request. Once a request is approved, the estimate can be created for the request. Based on estimate, the contact can decide whether to proceed with the service request or not. The estimate can either be accepted or rejected.

Add Estimates

To create an estimate:
  1. An estimate can be created in one of two ways:
    1. Select the Requests module from the Work Order Management menu and click the request you want to create the estimate for. In the Request Details page, click Convert to Estimate.
    2. Select the Estimates module from the Work Order Management menu and click Create.
      Perform this step if you are creating an estimate from scratch (without a request).
  2. Enter the following details and click Save:
    1. Summary of the estimate
    2. An Expiry Date until which the estimate will be valid
    3. The Contact whom the estimate is being created
    4. The Company the contact belongs to
    5. The Email address of the contact
    6. The Phone number of the contact
    7. An Asset
      An Asset is added when the service is for a product that you have sold.
    8. The Territory in which the contact is located
    9. Service Address
      This is the address of the contact's location where the service task needs to be carried out. If a Service address exists for the contact, then on selecting a value in the Contact field, that address is filled in the Service address field. If the Service address does not exist then you can choose any other address available for the contact or click Create New.
      On clicking Create New, the Add Address overlay will be displayed. To add a new address, enter the details and click Save.
    10. Billing Address

    11. Select a Currency.
      The Currency and Exchange Rate will be displayed only if multiple currencies are enabled.
    12. Entries for Services
      These denote the services that have to be delivered for the request for which the estimate is being created. The Services added in Services And Products module will be listed here. The entries for Products will be automatically populated for a service if it is linked to a work type.
      Select a Tax Rate or choose non-taxable by providing a reason. Click here to find details about setting the tax rates. Enter a percentage for the discount you wish to offer or a discount amount.

    13. Add the Parts necessary for the service tasks.
      For Service, select the Service task for which the Product has been added. Select a Tax Rate or choose non-taxable by providing a reason.

The estimate amount can be viewed in the Estimate Details page under the Service and Parts tab.

Send Estimate

Once the estimate is created, it can be mailed to the contact. To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. In the Estimate Details page, click Send Estimate.
  2. In the Send Estimate overlay, click Send.

Once the estimate is accepted by the contact, then a work order can be created with the information in the estimate. Refer to this section for mapping details. Any Requests and Work Orders created for this Estimate will be displayed in the Estimate Details page. 

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