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Encrypting a custom field

How to encrypt a custom field

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings.

  2. Select Custom fields under Customization.


       3.  Click the Add new button and select which custom field you wish to add.
       4.  Click the Encrypt field checkbox if you want to turn on encryption for the custom field.


Applications of Custom Fields

Personalize your email campaigns and autoresponders

Every custom field you create can be converted into a merge tag to personalize your email content and autoresponder messages.
For example, you can remind a lead to pay their monthly balance using the merge tag related to the custom field that has the due amount. You can also use a custom date field in autoresponders to send reminder emails for upcoming events.

Segmentation of leads

Use custom fields as criteria to create segments and filter out leads for an email campaign. For example, you can focus on leads in a specific city or region if this data is stored in a custom field.

Encryption of Custom Fields

You can protect sensitive and classified user data by encrypting them. Encryption is the process of encoding an information and making it accessible only to authorized people. Encryption converts plain (readable) text into ciphertext (non-readable). Ciphertext can only be read when decrypted by an authorized party.

The encryption method used here is called AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which uses keys to encrypt and decrypt data.

Only custom field data can be encrypted. For instance, when you need to store confidential information like credit card details or backup phone numbers, you can include those fields in the user layout as a custom field. Data encryption is done when a custom field is created or edited.

.  If a custom field associated with a segment or a score-based view is encrypted, then they will cease to function normally. You can resume the functioning of the segment or the score-based view by turning off encryption for the associated custom field.
If a custom field associated with a workflow, autoresponder, or field-based scoring is encrypted, they will stop working. The only way to reactivate the workflow or the autoresponder is by cloning and initiating them. You cannot clone field-based scoring, so you need to create a new field-based scoring with your desired criteria.

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