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Managing custom lead merge tags

Lead custom tags are those, that you can define according to your needs from a list of lead fields and the custom field data. This gives you the liberty to use more number of fields than the available predefined fields.

You can choose from the following fields :

  • Pre-defined fields

  • User defined fields

Pre-defined fields are fields set by default which are basic contact info in the sign up form / add lead page. Fields like lead email, first name, last name, company name, phone and etc. Choose a predefined field, a customized tag name, your mail default value and social default value. You’ve the freedom to define your own tag for your own understanding, reference and easy usability.

User defined fields can be used to address your leads, when you've created custom fields. If you want to use the custom fields in your email campaigns, then you need to create a lead custom merge tag and choose the field type as the custom field that you've created.

Use cases

Can I edit predefined merge tags?

You can’t edit predefined merge tags. Instead, you can create your own lead custom merge tags and choose a pre-defined field. This way you can use your own customized merge tag in place of the predefined merge tag.

For example, If you're a seller you might find it appropriate to address your lead email as purchaser email. In this case, you can create a custom tag by choosing the predefined lead email field and giving it the name you prefer to address your leads.

I have imported some fields from other products using sync and I want to display them when I send campaigns to my mailing lists. How do I do this?

You can display the data from imported fields using custom fields and merge tags. Create a merge tag and choose the custom field that you have imported.

For example, you've imported a field "Skype ID" from Zoho CRM into a custom field named Skype_id. You will have to create a "SKYPE" merge tag for the custom field. Then you can use the merge tag to display the Skype ID in your campaigns.

How to create lead custom merge tag?

1. From the Navigation toolbar, go to Settings.

2. Select Merge tags under Customization.

3. Click Lead custom tags and click Create new.


4. Your custom field will appear in the drop-down menu, choose that.

5. Enter the merge tag without space. You can see a small preview right there that would look something like this $[UD:CAMPAIGN EMAIL]$

6. Enter Mail default value and Social default value.

7. Click Save.

What are mail and social default values?

Mail default value is the filler value that will appear in email campaigns if a field is empty or not mapped with the necessary lead detail.

Social default value is the filler value that will appear in social campaigns or campaigns that are shared socially if a mapped field is empty. It is similar to mail default value, but for social campaigns.

For example, if the field $[UD:CITY]$ has no value and the social default value is City, then social campaigns will have City wherever the city merge tag is used.

Using Lead custom merge tags

 1. In Content section of campaign creation, select one of our content options such as designed templates, or HTML editor or any other option.

2. Choose the text component, mouse over to Merge tags section, select Lead custom tags.

3. Click on the tag you want.

4. Click Save and proceed after making all the changes in your content.

If you've chosen HTML or text editor, you have to copy and paste the tag in the editor.
Merge tags can also be used for Call Back URL's, campaign subject and for list details known as List Link tags.

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