Managing audio echo during a meeting

Managing audio echo during a meeting

Listed below are some of the possible causes why you can hear an audio echo or feedback during your meetings.   
1. Computer's Audio Configuration Issue : 
When choosing audio, try to use the same audio input and output devices. Using mismatched microphone and external speaker devices may cause an echo.
Wrong Way :

Right Way :

2. High Microphone/Speaker Volume :
Built-in speakers that are overly loud can potentially cause echo. They may replay the sound picked up by your built-in microphone. Lower the volume of your microphone, speaker, or both to reduce the echo.
Following below are steps to moderate speaker volume levels on your computer:
  1.  Go to Settings > Sound > Input. 
  2.  Adjust the volume to mid level.
  1.  Go to System Preferences > Sound > Input.
  2.  Increase the Input volume using the slider.

  1.  Go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording.
  2.  Double-click the microphone and select Levels.
  3.  Enable your microphone by clicking on the disabled speaker icon.
  4.  Increase the volume using the slider.
  5.  Click OK.
3. External Factors 
We recommend the following to fix audio feedback during meetings from other external factors.
  1.  Try connecting to a USB headset: Using USB headset plugged into your computer, or headphones with a mic plugged into your mobile device will reduce echo and improve the audio quality. 

  1.  Make sure both the computer and phone audio are not active : Ensure you are not connected to both the computer and the phone audio. If you have joined through Phone Audio while connected to Computer Audio, you can manually leave the computer audio by clicking Settings > Using Computer Audio Change > Switch to Phone > Continue.

  1.  Avoid joining the meeting in close proximity: Multiple connections in a single room may cause an echo. Have individuals move into different rooms to avoid picking up each others' audio or have everyone share a single phone/speaker.

  1.  Multiple computers with active audio in the same room: If you are in a meeting room with multiple devices, disconnect computer audio from the other devices.

  1.  Close duplicate tabs : Joining through two different browsers or the desktop app in the same computer may cause an echo. Make sure the duplicate tabs are closed.

  1.  External speakers/monitors : The source of an echo can also be from speakers (such as TV or soundbar) that are too loud. Lowering the volume might help to avoid unwanted noise.

  1.  Hardware specific : Device performance issues may produce an echo. Switching to an alternate device or ear phone may resolve this issue.

  1.  Failed Echo Cancellation on browsers : Try restarting your browser or PC to fix this issue.
  1.  Mute the microphone when you aren't speaking: If you weren't able to resolve your feedback issues, then try muting yourself when you aren't speaking to avoid having the unwanted noise disrupt the session.

  2.  Everyone can hear the unwanted noise: Sometimes, it can be unclear who is the source of the audio feedback during the meeting. If the "Who's talking" notification indicates you who is speaking when the unwanted noise occurs, try muting that individual.

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