How to use VoIP and phone audio for online meetings and webinars

Using computer audio and phone audio for meetings and webinars

Computer audio (VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol)

You will need a set of built-in, attached, or wireless speakers and microphone to use computer audio for your meetings and webinars. A headset is recommended. Computer audio or VoIP is recommended when you have a good internet connection. If your internet connection is weak, phone audio is a good alternative.

To use computer audio, select Computer audio when you start or join an online meeting or webinar.

Attendees of a webinar are muted by default, and can only listen to the presenter. In an online meeting, all participants can transmit and receive voice.

Phone audio

If you have poor internet connectivity, you can join meetings and webinars through your phone using dial-in numbers. Presenters in the paid edition can also purchase toll-free numbers to let participants join sessions without incurring charges.
Phone audio is not available for users in the Free edition of Zoho Meeting. Take a free trial of the Pro edition with all features.
How to connect to audio using your phone
  1. Enter your meeting or webinar window.
  2. Select the phone option for audio transmission. A window will display the dial-in number (and the toll-free number, if purchased) for your country, an access code for your session, and a PIN. 
  3. Enter the dial-in (or toll-free) number on your phone. You can omit the initial code if you're making a call within the country. For example, if you are entering the dial-in number for Argentina while you are in Argentina, you need not enter the code ’54’.
  4. Enter the access code and press #.
  5. Enter the PIN (optional) and press #.

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  • Presenters need to start sessions on their computer before they connect to phone audio. Participants have the option to join sessions only using their phones.
  • PIN is useful for identifying users and the mode (computer audio/phone) in which they connect to a meeting or webinar. This is optional for both presenters and participants.
  • Webinar participants will be connected through computer audio by default as they enter the webinar window. To switch to phone, click the phone icon at the bottom of the video feed.
  • You can use your own internal conferencing system while you use Zoho Meeting for screen sharing. However, audio will not be present in your recordings if you use your own audio communication system.
  • The presenter and the participants don't need to be on the same medium device during a webinar or meeting. Participants can use their phone to join a session while the presenter uses computer audio and vice-versa.

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