Webinar integration in Zoho CRM

Webinar integration in Zoho CRM


The webinar integration of Zoho Meeting in Zoho CRM enables users to organize webinars, invite leads and contacts, and also launch webinars right from their CRM account. With this integration, you can:
  1. Schedule webinars
  2. Invite leads and contacts using email templates in the Campaigns module
  3. Create webinar polls
  4. Launch webinars from CRM
  5. View webinar recordings in CRM
  6. View poll results and Q&A report in CRM

Availability and cost 

  1. Currently, users in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Zoho CRM can subscribe to any of the paid webinar plans of Zoho Meeting and use this integration.  
  2. This integration can also be enabled during the trial period of Zoho CRM.

Enable integration  

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM.
  2. Click Settings  in the top-right corner.
  3. Under Marketplace, click Zoho.
  4. In the Zoho Webinar section, click Set up now.
  5. Click Enable.

Initial set up 

Once you enable the integration you need to do the basic setup which includes adding webinars hosts, setting reminder email timings, and defining how webinar registrant data should be pushed to your CRM.
Add users
Add users who can create and host webinars from your CRM account.

Set time of reminder emails
Set a time for sending reminder emails to participants before a webinar starts.

Push webinar registrants as leads/contacts in CRM
If someone who is not part of your CRM registers for your webinar, they can be pushed as a lead or contact in your CRM by enabling this option.

Sync webinar status with lead status 
You can link the service status of your webinar with the activity of a lead or member. For example, you can tag the  Registered service status with the action -  Received. So if you have sent out invitations and a lead registers for your webinar, you can see the  Received status updated next to their name in your webinar invitations list.



Organize a webinar 

Organizing a webinar using this integration includes the following steps:
  1. Scheduling a webinar
  2. Selecting leads and contacts to send invitations.
  3. Selecting or creating a webinar invitation template with the registration link.
  4. Creating polls

Schedule a webinar 

  1. Go to the Campaigns module.
  2. Click + and select Zoho Webinar. (New users can click Create campaign and change the Offline option to Zoho webinar.

  3. Enter the webinar date, time, duration, name, and description.
  4. Click Save in the top-right corner.

The next step is to invite leads and contacts. Invite leads and contacts.

Invite leads and contacts

  1. Go to the Campaigns module and click your webinar.
  2. In the webinar details page, click Invite next to Leads or Contacts.
  3. Select the leads you want to invite for your webinar. You can use filters to arrive at a list you want and select everyone in one go.

  4. Add a campaign member status for the CRM leads you invite for later reference within CRM.
  5. Click Next and select a template. To learn how to create a new template, go to the next section of this guide.
  6. Click any template to select it.
  7. You can add a reply-to email address if you want.
  8. Click Send.
To create a new email template to invite leads and contacts:

Click  Create new Template and edit any template you like.
Important: You need to embed the webinar registration link in the template you create. If the webinar registration link is not embedded, the template will not be suggested while you invite leads and contacts for your webinar.
To embed registration link in text:
  1. Select the text and click the link icon  on the toolbar.
  2. Select Link type as Zoho Webinar Registration URL
To embed registration link in buttons of pre-designed templates:
  1. Click the button to access the settings. 
  2. Change the Link type as Zoho Webinar Registration URL.
  3. Give a name and subject to your template so you can reuse it in the future.
  4. Save the template to the public folder or create a new folder if you want.


Create polls 

  1. Go to the Campaigns module and click your webinar.
  2. In the webinar details page, click Create poll in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter your poll question and the answer options. 
  4. Click Create. You can launch the polls during your webinar. Read more about webinar polls.


Launch webinar 

  1. Go to the Campaigns module and click your webinar.
  2. In the webinar details page, click Launch webinar in the top-right corner.

    Learn more about system requirements, audio, video, screen sharing, and the Switch presenter feature.

Download webinar reports

Follow up with attendees and registrants, view poll results and Q&A using downloadable webinar reports.
  1. Go to the Campaigns module and click your webinar.
  2. In the webinar details page, click Zoho Webinar Reports.

Watch and share recording  

If you had recorded your webinar, you can access the recording from your CRM after your webinar gets over.
  1. Go to the Campaigns module and click your webinar.
  2. Under Attachments, click Recording. You can watch the recording online, share the recording link with anyone, or download it.

View polls and Q&A 

You can view details of polls and Q&A sessions after your webinar on the webinar details page in your CRM.


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