Creating a custom domain

Creating a custom domain


A domain is the web address that a user types when they browse the internet, like,, etc. Some online services (like blogging platforms) let you use custom domains, which means you can customize the domain name of the service to include and promote your own website or organization. This lets internet users access the online service through the customized domain you provide.
Typically if a user wants to conduct an online meeting using Zoho Meeting, they would type "" in their browser. If your organization name is 'Zylker' and your website is "", you can customize this domain to "". Internet users can then access this new customized domain to conduct online meetings. Every domain name is unique and the domain name must be registered before you can use it.

This feature is available only to organization admins using the paid edition of Zoho Meeting.
Steps to create a custom domain

Add Domain

1. In your Zoho Meeting account, go to Settings > Manage organization > Custom Domain

2. Enter your domain name under Add domain.

3. Once you have entered your domain name, a CNAME will be created and displayed to you.
4. Copy the text under the 'Points to' heading. You will need to paste this text for DNS mapping in the site where you purchased the domain.

DNS Mapping

1. Access the site where you purchased your domain.
2. Under DNS Mapping, select CNAME as Type.
3. Enter your domain name under Host, and paste the text copied from the 'Points to' section displayed to you in the Custom Domain section of your Zoho Meeting account.

Enable Domain

1. After DNS mapping is done, open the Custom Domain section in your Zoho Meeting account and click Submit and Verify. An email will be sent to our support team to install the SSL Certificate for your domain. This process can take 3-5 business days.
2. To check if your domain is enabled, click the Refresh button in the Custom Domain section. You will see that the domain is enabled after the SSL certificate has been installed.

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