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Attendee Engagement ​- Raise Hand, Polls, Allow to talk, Q&A

Raise Hand


Attendees can use the Raise Hand feature as a signal to get the attention of the organizer, or to answer impromptu polls during a webinar. It can be used in multiple ways according to the discretion of the webinar organizer. Some use cases are listed below.


Possible use cases

  1. The organizer can ask attendees to 'raise hands' if:
  2. The presenter's voice is audible enough.
  3. They agree with something that the organizer states.
  4. Their question has not been answered in Q&A.
  5. They need to speak in the webinar.



Recommended Best Practice


The organizer can clearly state the use case before prompting the attendees to use Raise Hand to avoid confusion.


How it works

Attendees can click Raise Hand on the webinar toolbar to use this feature. When an attendee raises their hand, the organizer sees a hand icon next to the name of the hand raiser in the attendee's list (see image above). The organizer can reply to their questions in Q&A or let them speak using Allow to talk.


Allow to talk

Let attendees speak in a webinar using the Allow to talk feature. Attendees can also share their webcam videos using  Allow to talk with video feature.   Attendees can share their questions or thoughts with everyone in a webinar once the organizer or a co-organizer grants permission to speak.


To let an attendee speak:

  1. Click Attendees on the webinar toolbar.
  2. Click three dots (action button) next to the name of the attendee who needs to speak.
  3. Click Allow to talk to let attendees talk during the webinar. 
  4. Click Allow to talk with video to let attendees share their video during the webinar. 
Note :
  1. Attendees will not be able to share their screen. To let attendees share their screen, please use the Make presenter feature.
  2. A webinar organizer can allow multiple attendees to talk at the same time using Allow to talk.
  3. Webinar recordings will contain talks by attendees.


Make a Co-organizer

Organizers can make any attendee as a co-organizer at any time during a webinar Once an attendee has been made a co-organizer, t hey can view attendee lists, handle Q&A, polls, and more.

To Make a  Co-organizer
  1. Click Attendees on the webinar toolbar.
  2. Click the action menu (three dots) next to the attendee's name and click Make a co-organizer option. 

Conduct live polls to gather attendees' views and opinion on a subject. Get results instantly. You can either create instant polls during your webinar, or also launch polls that you created before your webinar.


To create a poll:

  1. Click Webinars on the left pane.

  2. Click the webinar for which you wish to create polls.

  3. Scroll and Click Add poll in the Engagement section

4. Enter the poll question and select the type of poll you want to create:

  1. Single choice

  2. Multiple choice

  3. Star Rating

5. Add your questions, answers, or ratings:

  1. Multiple choice: Use a multiple choice poll to let your audience choose from a set of answers. You can add a maximum of five multiple choice answers and let your audience choose multiple answers in the poll.

  2. Star rating: Use a star rating poll to let your audience indicate how much they like a feature, product, session and more. You choose to let the audience rate out of three, five, or ten stars. You can also define the star rating scales by entering the scale labels (optional).

6. Click Add. Repeat this for every other question you want to ask your audience.


To edit a poll:

  1. Click Webinars on the left pane.

  2. Click the webinar that contains the poll you need to edit.

  3. Click the Edit icon next to the poll question to make any changes.

  4. Once the changes are complete, click Update. 

To conduct a poll during your webinar:

  1. Click Polls on the webinar toolbar. 

  2. Click Start next to the question you want to ask. You can view the results as the audience responds and also publish results to the audience.


Session Materials

Organizers can share materials such as PDFs, PPTs, and videos with attendees during the session. While scheduling webinars, you can attach materials from your computer, Work Drive, or Library. Once the organizer has started sharing the material, attendees will be able to see it.

Attach Material


  1.  Log in to Zoho Meeting.
  2.  While scheduling your webinar, click +Attach Material in the Session Materials section under Engagement.


  1.  Select the material to attach from Library, Desktop or workdrive. You can attach pdf and video files only.
  2.  Now click Attach.
  3.  To upload any files to your library, click Upload .

Share Material



  1. Enter your webinar window.

  2. Select your audio option and click Share in the webinar controls and choose Share Material.



3.  Now, select the material to share from the list and click Share now when you're ready to begin presenting to your attendees.

  1. Currently, you can attach only PDF, PPT, and video files to the session materials. 
  2. This feature is only available in the Professional edition of Zoho Meeting.
  3. You can upload video files with a maximum size of 1 GB and a maximum length of 180 minutes. Video file formats supported include mp4, MOV, Avi, WebM, WMV, Flv, MPEG, mpg, 3gp, 3gpp, m4v, OGV, Webmv, VOB, Mkv, 3g2 and PDF files with a maximum size of 250MB.


Webinar attendees can ask questions and receive answers through the Q&A tab. Organizers and co-organizers can view attendees' questions and answer privately to the attendee who asked the question, or make it public and share the information with all attendees. They can also add more information to an answer that's already given by clicking Answer button again.



Only the organizer and co-organizers can see all the questions and answers in a webinar. Other attendees or attendees who have been made presenters (using the Make Presenter feature) can see only the questions they ask and the questions that are made public.




To ask a question:

  1. Click Q&A on the webinar toolbar.
  2. Type your question and click Send icon. 


Answer, Set Priority, Assign Staff, Decline Questions:

  1. Click Q&A on the webinar toolbar to view questions.

  2. Hover over the question and click Answer to type your answer.

  3. Select the Send Privately option to send answers only to the attendees who asked the question. To add more information to your answer, click the Answer button again.

  4. Click Set Priority, to select a different priority (high, medium, low) to the question.

  5. Click Assign Staff, to assign questions to you or co-organizers.

  6. To decline, hover over the question and click on the three dots and click Decline.

Allow Anonymous Questions

Using the anonymous Q&A feature, attendees can send questions without providing their names. 

Enabling or Disabling Q&A

To enable the Allow anonymous questions setting, 
  1. Log in to Zoho Meeting.
  2. Click Settings in the left pane.
  3. Verify that the Allow Anonymous Setting is enabled. If the setting is disabled, click the Status toggle to enable it.
  4. If you'd like to avoid repeated spam questions, you can turn it off at any time during the webinar from Preferences under Settings
How to Send Anonymous Q&A

1. During the webinar, click the Q&A icon on the webinar toolbar.
2. In the Q&A window, type your question.
3. Check Ask anonymously and click Send icon, so that your name does not appear next to the questions.

Note : 
Anonymous Q&A is only available in the Professional edition of Zoho Meeting


Broadcast messages

Send useful links, texts, or email addresses to attendees during a webinar using the Broadcast message feature. You can use this feature to send impromptu poll questions, or the main points of your presentation. Attendees will be able to copy and use the messages you send.


1. Launch your webinar.

2. Select Q&A on the webinar toolbar.

3. You can type your message into the window at the bottom and click Send.


Note : 

Attendees will not be able to reply to the messages you send using this feature. However, they can use the Q&A option to ask questions or send messages.



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