Record a webinar

Record a webinar

Record your webinar and send it to anyone who could not attend your webinar. Share the webinar recording as a product demo or help video for new users. Play the recording online, or download it and watch it to assess the quality of your webinar.
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Record a webinar

  1. Start your webinar.
  2. Click the Record button in the top-right corner and click Start.
  3. When you're done recording, you can click Stop.

Record separate sections of a webinar by starting and stopping the recording as you wish. Every time you start and stop recording, a new recording will be created.

Auto-record webinars

The Automatic recording feature allows the webinar organizer to start cloud recording automatically when the webinar starts. Automatic cloud recording will only start if the organizer has available cloud recording space.

Enabling Automatic Recording :
  1. Log in to your Zoho Meeting account and click Settings on the left pane. 
  2. Under My Settings, turn on the Auto-record webinars option. 

  1. Recording will be available under My Recordings in your Zoho Meeting account after some time.
  2. If you have enabled Auto-record webinars in your Settings, it will be set for any webinars that you schedule going forward.

Play, share, download, and delete recordings

  1. In your Zoho Meeting account, click My Recordings on the left pane. Your recordings will be displayed with the options PlayShareDownload, and Delete next to each. 
  2. Click and perform the action you want.
  3. By enabling public access in Share Recording, anyone with the link can access the recording. You can disable the public access option so that the video is accessible only to your org members. 
  • All recordings are encrypted and saved securely.
  • Only paid subscribers to Zoho Meeting can use the Record feature.
  • If you exhaust the recording storage that comes with your paid plan, you can buy the recording add-on to store more recordings.
  • Only webinar organizers and co-organizers can record webinars. Attendees cannot record webinars.
  • Recordings links once shared cannot be revoked. Please take extra care when you share recordings that contain confidential information.
  • Deleted recordings cannot be accessed via recording links. To keep a copy, download the recording before deletion.
Points to know
  • Audio (through VoIP or telephone) and screen sharing will be captured in recordings. However, video will not be recorded. If you need the video to be recorded, you can turn on Record webinar video under My Settings
  • You can record for up to a maximum duration of 12 hours.
  • You can start recording your webinar even before your attendees join.
  • Webinar recording once turned on, will continue even if a co-organizer takes over and starts sharing their screen. However, the co-organizer can turn it off if they want.
  • You can watch recordings online, share recordings with anyone you want, and also download them to your computer in MP4 format.
  • Your recordings will be stored on the cloud permanently based on your subscription plan, unless you delete them.
  • All recordings will be sent to your email address once your webinar gets over. You can also access and manage your recordings in the My Recordings tab of your Zoho Meeting account.

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