How to schedule a webinar? - Zoho Meeting

Schedule a webinar

Webinars can be scheduled to organize large online events, educate your leads about your product or service, clarify their queries, learn about their business requirements, and convert them into your customers. 

An event can be designed through the below easy steps:
  1. Schedule
  2. Co-organizers
  3. Registration 
  4. Engagement
  5. Emails
  6. Preferences
  7. Promote



1. Log in to Zoho Meeting. 
2. Click Schedule a webinar
3. Fill in details including the title of your webinar, a short description, date, duration, and time zone. 
4. You can also make any time zone adjustment here. 
5. Click Next

Schedule A Recurring Webinar

1. Fill in the webinar details and check the Recurring Webinar option. Now you can change the frequency of your webinar (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Custom) depending on your choice. 
  1. Daily occurrences repeat every day, every 2 days, and so on. 
  2. Weekly occurrences repeat every week, every 2 weeks, and so on.
  3. Monthly occurrences repeat every month, every 2 months, and so on.
  4. Custom lets you choose and add any dates of your choice.
2.  Specify when and how your webinar will repeat, and when it will end.
3. Specify the frequency of your webinar registration process in the Registration Type(For every event or Only once) field.
  1. For every event - Attendees need to register for each occurrence to attend
  2. Only once - Attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences. 
4. Click Next.

You can click on the Skip and finish button if you choose to enter the other details later. 


A webinar co-organizer holds most of the controls available in the event. They can be a part of practice sessions, view attendee lists, handle Q&A, polls, recording and more. You can add anyone as a co-organizer for your webinar. Co-organizers who are members of your organization will also be able to start webinars if the organizer is away, or otherwise unable to launch them.


Add/Manage Co-organizers
  1. Once you click the Next button after scheduling a webinar it will let you add a Co-organizer. 
  2. Click Add Co-organizer.
  3. Enter the name and email address of the co-organizer, then click Add.
  4. An email invitation with a link to join the webinar will be sent to the co-organizer.
  5. Hover on the Co-organizer name and use the options to delete, resend the invitation email, or copy and share the join link. 

Note :
Only one Co-organizer can be added in the free version of Zoho Meeting

Registration Setup

Scheduling a webinar with registration 
Webinars require registration, anyone who wants to attend your webinar will need to register for it. Therefore, once you plan and schedule a webinar, you need to share your webinar registration link via email, on social media, blogs, or web pages that your leads are likely to visit. 
FIELDS :    

You can customize your webinar registration form to gather useful information about your leads. Add predefined or custom fields to your registration form to learn more about your leads' business needs, requirements, industry, and role, among other details. 


Add fields, edit fields, and make them mandatory
  1. The Registration form has default fields - Name and Email ID. You can click on  Manage Fields to edit, delete or make the fields as mandatory by clicking on the options next to them. 
  2. To add a predefined field, Click on the + sign on the right side. 
  3. To add a custom field, click Add Custom Fields and select the type of question you want to add: Multiple Choice or Short answer.
  4. Enter the question in the Field label space.
  5. Provide the answer options if you've selected to ask a Multiple Choice questions.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click on + Add Fields to add more custom fields. 

Note : 
You will be able to add custom fields only in the Professional edition of Zoho Meeting

  1. To make a field mandatory, click the star icon next to any field you have added to make it a mandatory field.
  2. To edit a field label, click the edit icon next to any field you have added and edit the field name. Click Done.
  3. To delete a field, click the delete icon next to it.


Webinar organizers can regulate attendance in webinars through Registration Moderation. Use this feature to limit the number of attendees in your webinar, or to require attendees to make a payment before they attend.
How to:
You can choose the registration moderation setting of any scheduled webinar in one of the following modes:
  1. Automatic approval mode - Anyone who registers for your webinar will be automatically approved to attend. You will still be able to cancel anyone's registration.
  2. Manual approval mode - If anyone registers for your webinar, you can allow or deny them entry. 

Note : 
Manual approval mode is only available in the Professional edition of Zoho Meeting

Advanced Settings 

Using the advanced settings, you can customize the registration process for webinars, such athe maximum number of registrants, allow registration only with an authorized domain, approve or block users from certain countries to register for the webinar and so on. 

Set registration limit: You can configure the maximum number of registrants for your webinar. 

Allow only business email addresses: Registration using public domain such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, can be restricted.

Allow registration only with an authorized domain: Registration will be limited to authenticated users with a specific domain or organization email address only.

Note : 
You can restrict domains from registration only in the Professional edition of Zoho Meeting

Allow/deny registrations from specific countries: Approve or block users from certain countries to register for the webinar.

Allow only authenticated Zoho Users: Only users with verified Zoho accounts can register for the webinar.

Scheduling a webinar without registration 

Scheduling a webinar without registration will allow attendees to join without needing to register for the webinar. You have the choice of allowing anyone with the link to join or only authenticated users to join.

Note : 
Only authenticated users can join feature is available only in the Professional edition of Zoho Meeting


You can engage with attendees by adding session materials or creating polls.  

Session Materials:

Organizers can share materials such as PDFs, PPTs, and videos with attendees during the session. While scheduling webinars, you can attach materials from your computer, Work Drive, or Library. Once the organizer has started sharing the material, attendees will be able to see it.

Attach Material


  1.  Log in to Zoho Meeting.
  2.  While scheduling your webinar, click +Attach Material in the Session Materials section under Engagement.
  3.  Select the material to attach from Library, Desktop or Workdrive. You can attach pdf and video files only.
  4.  Now click Attach.
  5.  To upload any files to your library, click Upload.

Add Poll: 

Conduct live polls to gather attendees' views and opinions on a subject, and get results instantly. You can either create instant polls during your webinar, as well as launch polls that you created before your webinar.

To create a poll

1. Click + Add Poll in the Polls section to create polls.
2. Enter the poll question and select the type of poll you want to create:
  1. Single choice
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Star Rating
3. Add your questions, answers, or ratings:
  1. Multiple choice: Use a multiple choice poll to let your audience choose from a set of answers. You can add a maximum of five multiple choice answers and let your audience choose multiple answers in the poll.
  2. Star rating: Use a star rating poll to let your audience indicate how much they like a feature, product, session etc. You choose to let the audience rate out of three, five, or ten stars. You can also define the star rating scales by entering the scale labels (optional).
4. Click Add.
5. Repeat this for every other question you want to ask your audience. 

To edit or delete a poll:
  1. Click the webinar that contains the poll you need to edit.
  2. Click the Edit icon under actions. Once the changes are complete, click Update.
  3. Click the Delete icon under actions to delete the poll. 

To conduct a poll during your webinar:
  1. Click Polls on the webinar toolbar. 
  2. Click Start poll next to the question you want to ask. You can view the results as the audience responds.


You can manage webinar emails sent out to registrants, attendees, and absentees. The different types of emails that are sent to your audience during the entire course of your webinar include:
  1. Registration confirmation email 
  2. Reminder emails
  3. Thank you email (for attendees) 
  4. Follow-up email (for registrants)

Set up a reply-to email address

All emails you send to your webinar audience should have a reply-to email address to which registrants can reply to clarify their concerns. The reply-to email address can be that of a team, department, or members in your organization who can answer queries.

To customize email content : 
  1. Log in to Zoho Meeting and select  Webinars.
  2. Select the webinar that you want to customize emails for.
  3. In the Emails section, click Edit next to the email you want to change.
  4. Select a template and use the content editor to make changes. To insert fields, type # and make selections. A detailed explanation of all the fields you can add is provided in the table below.
  5. Add a name for your template in the top-left corner.
  6. Click Save.
Enable and disable webinar emails

You can enable or disable any of the webinar emails. For example, if you do not want to send three reminder emails, you can disable one or two of them, according to your preferences.

  1. Log in to Zoho Meeting and select Webinars. 
  2. Select the webinar that you want to customize emails for.
  3. In the Emails section, click Configure.
  4. Enable or disable any email using the checkbox, then click Save.

Set the time for sending emails

For reminder, thank you, and follow-up emails, you can set the number of minutes or hours before or after your webinar, at which they should be sent.

1. Log in to Zoho Meeting and select Webinars.
2. Select the webinar for which you want to customize emails.
3. In the Emails section, click Configure.
4. Set the number of hours or minutes, then click Save.


Webinar-specific settings, registration restrictions and post-webinar redirection can be configured under Preferences. These settings determine how the webinar needs to be recorded, enable or disable the display of the attendee list to all, allow attendees to ask Q&A, and more.  You can also redirect attendees to a web page you want at the end of your webinar. Take them to your website to encourage them to sign up for your product, take advantage of offers, or provide ratings and feedback.


You can configure the preferences while scheduling a webinar or from the webinar details page. Click to toggle the below settings on or off.

    1. Log in to Zoho Meeting, Click Webinars on the left pane.

    2. Select Upcoming webinars.

    3. Click any webinar and go to the Webinar details page.

    4. Enable/disable settings under Preferences


      Allow attendees to ask questions:  Attendees can use the Q&A option to send questions during the webinar.

      Allow anonymous questions:  Attendees can send questions without providing their names. If you'd like to avoid repeated spam questions, you can turn them off at any time during the webinar.


      Automatic session recording: Start recording your sessions as soon as you start your webinar.

      Video recording: Record your sessions along with your webcam's video feed.

      Note : 
      You can enable or disable automatic recording for all webinars you create under My Settings. Your preference will be pre-populated by default while scheduling any webinar, you can overwrite it if needed. 


      Display attendee list to all: Enable this setting to display the names of the attendees to everyone in the webinar.
      Use Emoji reactions:  Anyone can react with emojis during the webinar. You can see the emojis fly across your screen.

      Post Webinar Re-direction

      1. Enable the Post Webinar Re-direction setting.

      2. Enter the URL of the page that you want to direct your attendees to, then click Save.


      You can spread the word about your webinar among your target audience by sharing your webinar registration link, embedding it on web pages and blogs, through social media platforms, or by sending webinar campaigns. 

      Share registration link
      Copy the registration link and send it via email, or share it in posts related to your webinar

      To get the registration link:
      1. Click My Webinars on the left pane and click your webinar name. Click the Share button on the right to copy the webinar link. 
      2. You can also view and copy the registration link under Promote webinar while scheduling an event.

      Embed registration link

      Embed the registration link on your webpage. People who visit your page will be able to learn about your webinar and register for it. They can also join the webinar at the scheduled time without accessing email invitations.

      To embed the registration link:
      1. Click My Webinars on the left pane and click your webinar name.
      2. Click the Share button on the right side to copy the code snippet. 
      3. Copy and paste the iframe code on your webpage.

      Embed registration form
      To enable your target audience to register for your webinar, you can embed your webinar registration form on web pages and blogs. Customize the design of your registration page however you want using the source code, and display upcoming webinars to let your audience register for the webinar that is convenient for them to attend.

      1. Log in to Zoho Meeting, then select My Webinars.
      2. Select your webinar.
      3. Click on the Share button on the right to copy the code snippet. 
      4. Copy the HTML code and paste it onto your blog/website. If you want to customize your registration page extensively, select Source from the dropdown. Otherwise, select iFrame.
      5. Copy and paste the code on your webpage.

      Zoho Campaigns:

      An email campaign is one of the most effective ways of promoting a webinar. Integrate your Zoho Meeting account with Zoho Campaigns to sync webinars created in Zoho Meeting with Zoho Campaigns. Promote webinars to your contacts lists using templates that contain pre-filled webinar data. 
      * To send promotional webinar campaigns click Zoho Campaigns on the Promote Webinar page. 

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