Notebook and Zoho Meeting Integration

Notebook and Zoho Meeting Integration

We're pleased to introduce the new Zoho Notebook and Zoho Meeting integration, which allows you to seamlessly take notes during your online meetings without having to switch tabs.

You can create new notes, associate your notes to a meeting, view your meeting's notes, and download your notes as a .txt file with this new integration.

Create new notes:


Once you are in a meeting in Zoho Meeting:


  1. Click the Notes tab in the top bar.

  2. You can automatically start creating your notes in the tab in the left-hand side.

  3. Organize your notes by clicking on the notebook icon in the bottom-right corner.


Note: Currently, only Text Card creation is possible in this integration

View your associated notes:


To view your associated notes for an ongoing meeting:


  1. Click on the three button vertical icon in the Notes tab.

  2. Click View Associated Notes

  3. You can view your associated notes right there in Zoho Meeting.

To view your associated notes after the meeting has ended:


  1. You'll be greeted with a meeting summary pop-up after the meeting has ended.

  2. Click View under Notes to view your any notes associated to that meeting.

View your past meeting notes:


To view your previous meeting notes in Zoho Meeting:


  1. Click on My Meetings in Zoho Meeting.

  2. Your list of past meetings will be displayed in the Past Meetings tab.

  3. Under the Resources tab, click on the Notebook icon for any of the meetings displayed.

  4. Your notes associated with that meeting will be displayed in a pop-up window.

View your meetings associated to a note in Zoho Notebook:


  1. Click on any Text Card in Zoho Notebook and click the three button vertical icon in the bottom-right corner.

  2. Select Associated Links from the list of options displayed.

  3. Notebook will display the corresponding meeting link under the Associated Links tab in the right-hand side.

Download your notes as a .txt file:


If you're using Zoho Notebook without an account, you can download your notes as a .txt file after the meeting has ended:


  1. You'll be greeted with a meeting summary pop-up after the meeting has ended.

  2. Click Download under Notes to download your notes taken during the meeting.

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