Notebook & Cliq

Notebook & Cliq

What is Zoho Cliq?

Zoho Cliq simplifies your team communication with organized conversations, a search function to easily find the information you need, and integrations with the tools you love.

Notebook and Zoho Cliq integration.
Send your notes via Cliq and add your chats to Notebook with the Notebook and Cliq integration. Save important messages from Cliq as note cards in specific notebooks, and give them titles so you can find them again quickly. In just a few simple steps, share your favorite notes in Notebook using Cliq. Choose from a list of ten recent notes, or search keywords to pull up specific note cards that you want to send. This integration brings your notes and your favorite messenger closer. 

How can I access this integration?

You can use your existing Zoho Notebook account to use this integration in Zoho Cliq. If you wish to create a separate account go to and sign up.

(Note: New Cliq users must install the Notebook extension in Cliq from this link)
What can I do with this integration?
Save chats as notes: Need all your important messages in one place? Save them all to Notebook in just a few steps with the Notebook extension for Cliq. 

Send notes via Cliq: Save time and simplify your work by instantly sharing your notes in Notebook straightaway from Cliq. Sending your notes to your peers has never been this easy. 
How do I save my Cliq chats onto Notebook?
Notebook's integration with Cliq gives you the option to save your favorite chats in Notebook. To do this, follow these steps:
iOS & Android.
1. Open Cliq.

2. Select a chat and long press it.

3. Tap Add to Notebook.

4. Add title, tags, and select notebook.

5. Allow all the authentication requests.
Web, Mac, Windows & Linux: 
1. Open Cliq.

2. Hover over a chat.

3. Click More

4. Click More

5. Tap Add to Notebook.

6. Add title, tags, and select notebook.

7. Allow all the authentication requests.
How do I share notes in Notebook on Cliq?
The Notebook extension in Cliq lets you share your notes with others. You can do this by following these steps.
All platforms. 
1. Open Cliq.

2. Select a contact or a group with whom you want to share a note.

3. Enter "/notebook" and hit enter to get the top ten recent notes.

4. Enter "/notebook" followed by a keyword to get a list of notes which contain that keyword. 

5. Click Post on the note that you want to send.

Allow the authentication requests. 

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