How can I use Siri to create and search for notes?

How can I use Siri to create and search for notes?

Commands for note creation :
  1. "Open a note named Idea in Notebook."
  2. "Create a note named Paris Trip saying I can't wait in Notebook."
  3. "Create a note called Project in my Work folder that says we need to order more materials in Notebook." 
Tip: The italicized words are the variables while the rest will remain the same for any note you create. 
Commands for list creation : 
  1. "Create a list named Store in Notebook."
  2. "Create a list called Gadgets in my Gear folder saying Mouse, keyboard, and cellular phone in Notebook."
  3. "Create a list called Cities to See in My Notebook folder saying Delhi, Mexico City, Tokyo in Notebook."
Commands for photo search :
  1. "Show me today's photos from Notebook."
  2. "Show me this week's photos from Notebook."
  3. "Show me this months photos from Notebook."
  4. "Show me last week's photos from Notebook."
  5. "Show me last months photos from Notebook."

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