Notebook on iOS devices

Notebook on iOS devices

Notebook is tightly integrated with the latest Apple technologies to make your note-taking experience smoother and smarter. We're always trying to integrate with the latest iOS technologies to make your note-taking an enjoyable experience. Here are some of them:

Sign in with Apple

Notebook allows you to sync your notes across devices. Sign in with Apple to sync your notes across your devices and be in touch with them at all times.

Dark Mode

Go easy on the eyes with Dark Mode in Notebook for iOS. Use Notebook's dark mode or go with your system preferences to enjoy the night mode.


Notebook is deeply integrated with Siri to make your note-taking experience smarter. Search through your Photos by asking Siri and create new checklist by calling Siri. Set contextual reminders with Siri as well.

Siri shortcuts

Quickly take notes and view them with Siri shortcuts. Create new notes, open and view them, and do more with the Siri shortcuts. Here's a list of Siri shortcuts in Notebook:
  • Create a text, checklist, audio, photo, file, and sketch note in your default notebook
  • Show favorite notes across notebook
  • Show notes with expired reminders
  • Open the last modified text, checklist, and audio note
  • Open the last viewed note
  • Open Zia
  • Create a recipe card with latest recipe from your favorite cooking site

Conversational Siri shortcuts

Converse with Siri to get things done. Notebook allows you to do operations with precise customizations. When you a create note, Siri asks you in which notebook you'd like it to be in and create a reminder for it. Or you can create a recipe card, Siri asks to choose from a list of webpages.

Widgets in iOS

Notebook allows you to have different widgets for your note-taking needs. Quickly access and capture a thought in the Today widget. You can also create different widgets to suit your note-taking. Create different types of notes, view your notes and recently modified note, pin any note as a widget and do more. You can also choose the size of your widget.

Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 support

Notebook supports Apple Pencil to visualize your thoughts better with the Sketch Card. You can also use the double tap feature in Apple Pencil 2. Double tap when sketching to change the color, undo an action, or switch to eraser. Scribble is much easier with Apple Pencil. Scribble in empty notebooks to create new notes, scribble at the bottom of a Text Card to add content to it, scribble in Add item to add new list items to your Checklist Card.

Core ML

Notebook uses advanced machine learning and AI to make your note-taking experience smarter. Notebook is tightly integrated with CoreML to give your intelligent tag and title suggestions for your newly created audio, photo, and scanned docs. Notebook also smartly suggets notebooks for your note cards.

Add contacts to your device

Add scanned contacts in your Contact Card to your device's contact with the CallKit integration.

Pinch two note cards

Pinch two note cards to group them like a magnet with UIKit integration.

Spotlight search

Notebook is integrated with Spotlight search to quickly access your notes. Search your notes via Spotlight search to access and view them.

Security and privacy

Notebook takes security and privacy seriously. Your data is yours and yours alone. We don't do ads and we don't sell your info. You can lock and unlock the app, notes, and notebooks with TouchID and FaceID.

Share extension

Share your notes with other apps and add notes from other apps present in your device. Sharing URL's from Safari will be created as Link Cards

3D Touch

Perform quick actions with 3D Touch in iOS. Peek and pop into your notes with 3D Touch.

Audio to text

Your audio cards are searchable. Transcribe the first minute of your audio card and search with the text in it to access it.

iMessage extension

To send or not to send. Share your note cards with your contacts as messages with the iMessage extension. 

Auto edge detection

Notebook smartly auto detects the edges of your business cards and documents while scanning with the VisionAPI.

Multi-task and multiple window in iPad

Handle multiple tasks at a time with drag and drop in iPadPro. Thanks to Split View and Slide over you can now access and create multiple notes at a time. Here are some of the usecases for drag and drop in iPadPro:
  • Drag to rearrange items in a Checklist Card.
  • Drag and drop notes between notebooks to copy or move them.
  • Drag and drop photos from the Photos app as a notebook cover.
  • Combine notes by dragging audio and photo to a Text Card, or drag images and recordings out of the Text Card as an individual note.
  • Drag and drop individual items from a checklist or an entire Checklist Card to reminders.
  • Drag and drop files from Files to Notebook and viceversa.
  • Drag and drop note cards to Mail and iMessage and viceversa.
  • Drag and drop text, images, lists, files, and links from Safari into Notebook to create distinct note cards. You can also create Smart Cards in Split View or Slide Over.
  • Drag a bulleted list to create checklist card or add items to it.
  • Drag and drop a location from Maps to search notes taken in that place.

Context Menu

Long press to perform actions to your note card with Context Menus. Select, add note as a widget, share, set reminder and do more with Context Menus.

Image saliency

Notebook uses image saliency to identify and access your Photo Cards easily. See an image from the preview to know immediately why it was created.

Link Cards preview

Get beautiful previews for your created link cards with LPMeta


Markup your images better with PencilKit in Notebook for iOS. Choose from a wide range of colors, nib sizes, and tools to annotate your photos better.


Create notes without opening the app with AppClips. Quickly capture a thought before it vanishes, view your publicly shared text, checklist, and sketch cards, and share notes in ZNML format to others.

Safari extension

Clear the clutter and clip the web with the Safari extension in Notebook for iOS. Take notes when reading a webpage without having to switch tabs. Organize your note cards better by associating them to a notebook. You can also select and add any text from your webpages as a note card in Notebook.

Clip any article from the web and save it to Notebook to enjoy it later. Capture your favorite webpages as Photo Cards and save them to Notebook. Clear the clutter and get a clean, neat view of your webpages with the Reader View. It removes all the ads and leaves you with the content you want.

Extra large widgets

Create different types of notes and view your notes bigger and better with the extra large widgets for your iPad.

Live Text

Scan anything to Notebook and now save it as a Text Card or Checklist Card with the Live Text. Scan, select, and insert it as a to-do list or as content for your note cards in Notebook.

Semantic search

Find your note cards better with semantic search in Notebook. Notebook now provides you results based on images as well. Search for "elephant" and get all note cards with an elephant image.

System fonts

Take notes your way with the system fonts in Notebook for iOS. Go to Settings and choose any system font from the Text Font. You can also use the fonts you've purchased as a default font in Notebook.

Trackpad in iPadPro

Notebook is compatible with iPadPro as well. You can use the trackpad to navigate in the app and use keyboard shortcuts to work on the app. Here's a list of supported actions


Two fingers swipe to move between images in an Photo Card


  1. Hovering over the pause icon will pause the recording or audio instead of needing to press it explicitly - Audio Card only
  2. Hovering over the pause icon will pause the recording or audio instead of needing to press it explicitly - Audio Card onlu
  3. Show selected notebook, full name and notecard count on pointer interaction
  4. Show icon title in add note toolbar on interaction

Keyboard shortcuts:

  1. New Notebook - ⌘ ⇧ B
  2. Info - ⌘ I
  3. Lock - ⌘ L
  4. Delete - ⌘ ⌫
  5. Settings - ⌘ ,
  6. Shortcuts - ⌃ ⇧ ?
  7. All Notebooks - ⌘ B
  1. New Text Card - ⌘ N
  2. New Photo Card - ⌃ P
  3. New Checklist Card - ⌃ C
  4. New File Card - ⌃ F
  5. New Audio Card - ⌃ A
  6. Copy notecard to a notebook - ⌘ ⇧ C
  7. Move notecard to a notebook - ⌘ ⇧ M
  1. Ordered list - ⌘ ⇧ O
  2. Unordered list - ⌘ ⇧ U
  3. Align left - ⌘ L
  4. Align center - ⌘ E
  5. Align right - ⌘ R
  6. List Complete - ⌘ D
  1. View trash - ⌘ T
  2. Empty trash - ⌘ E

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