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Enable add-ons when adding an app

Some Zoho apps have niche features that aren't applicable to all businesses, and are therefore excluded from Zoho One. If you have already been using such features in separate Zoho apps, you'll have to purchase and enable them as add-ons when moving to Zoho One. You will be charged a prorated amount for the active users in the app at the end of every payment cycle.

To ensure the features are retained in Zoho One:
  1. Sign in to the admin panel and add the app.
  2. If the app has an add-on, you'll be asked if you want to enable it. Enable the add-on, then click Add.

How is the prorated amount calculated?

To understand how the postpaid payment works, let us look at an example.

Zylker Biz's owner adds Recruit with the Staffing Agency add-on, priced at $25/Recruit user/month. Ten users are present in Recruit when it is added, so the owner is charged $250 when the app is added.

If the month has 30 days,
10 users x 30/30 days x $25 = $250

A week later, three more users are added to Recruit. Since 7 days have passed since the beginning of the payment cycle, these three users will be charged only for 23 days.
3 users x 23/30 days x $25 = $57.5
This amount will not be charged immediately, but will be prorated with the next month's bill.

Another week later, five more users are added to Recruit. Since 14 days have passed since the beginning of the payment cycle, these five users will be charged only for 16 days.
5 users x 16/30 days x $25 = $66.67
This amount will not be charged immediately, but will be prorated with the next month's bill.

Now there will be eighteen users left, and the next month's bill would be:
18 users x 31/31 days x $25 = $450

To this amount, the previous month's prorated charges will be added:
$450 + $57.5 + $66.67 = $574.17

If no changes are made in month 2, then month 3's bill would be only for the pre-existing eighteen users, and no prorated charge:
18 users x 30/30 days x $25 - $450

Here's a quick summary:

Number of users
Prorated amount
Charged amount
Month 1
Add-on purchased with 10 users
Month 1; Day 7
3 users added
Month 1; Day 14
5 users added
Month 2
Start of payment cycle
$200 + $57.5 + $66.67 = $574.17
Month 3
Start of payment cycle

The currently supported add-ons are:
  1. Recruit Staffing Agency Add-on
  2. CRM Ultimate Edition Add-on

Recruit Staffing Agency Add-on

Zoho Recruit has two operating versions: Corporate HR and Staffing Agency. The Corporate HR version has the features required to recruit for one's own business, and is included in Zoho One. The Staffing Agency version has features required to recruit for other companies or clients, and is excluded from Zoho One. However, if you're running a Recruitment Agency whose business revolves around recruiting for clients, you need to purchase and enable the add-on to continue using that version in Zoho One.
  1. Changes in Recruit's functionality when the add-on is enabled:
  2. Clients module and Contacts module are added
  3. Client portal is added
  4. Hiring Manager field is replaced by the Account Manager field
  5. Submit to Hiring Manager option is replaced by the Submit to Client option
  6. New Employee and Hiring Manager profiles are replaced by Guest and Interviewer profiles
  7. Offer Letter Generation feature is replaced by the Formatted Resumes feature
  8. Departments tab is removed
Other than these changes, all other features of Recruit in Zoho One's plan details page are retained.

CRM Ultimate Edition Add-on

All Zoho CRM features with enterprise-level limits are included in Zoho One. However, if your business needs higher limits than what is included, you can obtain them by purchasing and enabling the CRM Ultimate Edition add-on.

Changes in CRM's feature limits when the add-on is enabled:

 Default limit
Add-on limit
Scoring rules
30 fields/module
50 fields/module
Validation Rules
Web-to-case form
20 forms/module
100 forms/module
File storage
1GB/organization and 1GB/employee license
5GB/organization and 2GB/employee license
Import data storage
30,000 records/batch
50,000 records/batch
Free data backup
2 backups/month
4 backups/month
Data sharing rules
15 rules/module
100 rules/module
Territory management
150 territories
250 territories

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Add-on

Zoho One's Device Management module has two sets of features: Mobile Device Management (MDM), which provides administrators extensive control to monitor and manage mobile devices, and Mobile Application Management (MAM), which only provides a subset of MDM features. MAM focuses only on features that will help you automatically distribute your organization's apps to your employees' mobile devices.

All MAM features are included out-of-the-box in Zoho One. MAM is completely free, no matter how many devices you enroll.

If you want to use the MDM features, you can enable the MDM add-on when you first visit the Device Management tab in Zoho One. This add-on is free to use as long as you enroll 25 or fewer devices. If you want to enroll and use more than 25 devices, you will be charged for ALL the enrolled devices.

For example, if you had enabled the add-on and then enrolled 20 devices, you will not be charged any amount. However, if you enroll 10 more devices (bringing the total to 30 devices), you will be charged for all 30 devices.

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