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User classification

User types

Pending users

A user added with an email address that doesn't belong to a verified domain will receive an invitation through email, and will be Pending until they accept it.

You are adding Charles, who doesn't have a email address, to Zylker. An invitation email will be sent to his personal email address. He will be a Pending User until he accepts the invitation and joins Zylker.

Confirmed users  

A user who has joined the organization is considered Confirmed.
Admin operations, such as enforcing security policies and viewing Access History, can be performed once the user is confirmed.

External users    

A user who is part of another organization is considered to be external. You will not be able to edit or update the account details of an External User, nor will you be able to manage their email addresses, password, mail settings, or account activity. However, you can assign them to applications, and manage their role in those applications.
For example, a freelancer from another organization who helps you with marketing promotions would be considered an external user.
For further assistance regarding external users, contact our support team.

User states

Not joined yet

An admin can add a user to the organization by sending an invitation email to them. If the user has not accepted the invitation yet, then they will be in the Not joined yet state.

Not invited yet

An admin can add a user to the organization. When there is no invitation email sent to that user, then the user will be in the Not invited yet state.

For example, Amelia is the Zoho One organization owner. She hires around 50 people, with various designations like Product management, Sales, and Support, and imports them using the bulk import option.

Once the users are added, an invitation email can be sent.
State 1: When the invitation email is sent to users and when the users haven't accepted the invitation yet, they will be in the Not joined yet state.
State 2: The admin can send invites to a group of users after setting up the account and assigning applications. For users who have not joined the company yet, the invitation email will not be sent, and they will be in the Not invited yet state. 

User status   

Active users   

Active users who currently have access to their account.

Inactive users 

Inactive users will no longer be able to access their account. You can activate the user by just clicking activate.   

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