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Info: If your purchase was made offline, contact to add or remove add-ons, or Move to online subscription .
Zoho One is a cohesive suite of over 40+ applications. It comes with enterprise-level features of all those apps under its hood. However, if you want to scale up some of those features for your business requirements, you can make use of the add-ons offered by Zoho One.

There are three types of add-ons in Zoho One:
  1. Recurring add-ons
    These add-ons will be enabled for your account from purchase until you opt out of it. The cost of the add-ons will be charged at the end of every payment cycle.
  2. Non-recurring add-ons
    You can purchase these add-ons for one-time usage and the cost will be incurred only for the units purchased.
  3. Auto-debit add-ons
    You can enable these add-ons when you are adding an app to your Zoho One account, and a prorated amount will be calculated and charged every month based on the number of active users assigned to the app.
You will be able to opt into the following add-ons by yourself:

Recurring add-ons
Assist - Unattended Access
Increase the number of computers you can configure for Assist's unattended access . Default limit of this feature
Backstage - Unlimited Events
Upgrade to manage unlimited enterprise events in your Backstage account. Default limit of this feature
Campaigns - Subscriber
Increase the number of contacts you can manage in your Campaigns account. Default limit of this feature
Creator - Customer Portal
Increase the number of portal users (customers) you can add to your Creator customer portal . Default limit of this feature
CRM - File Storage
Increase storage space for the files associated with your CRM records. Default limit of this feature
SalesIQ - Visitors
Increase the number of visitors you can track for your websites using SalesIQ. Default limit of this feature
Social - Brands
Increase the number of brands to promote your product or business using social channels. Default limit of this feature
Upgrade your Zoho One support plan from Classic to Premium or Enterprise.
Non-recurring add-ons
Backstage - Pack Events (Non-recurring add-on)
Purchase Backstage enterprise events on a pay-per-event basis. Default limit of this feature
CRM - Onetime Data Backup (Non-recurring add-on)
Purchase additional units to back up your CRM data , if you need more than the two free backups/month which comes under the plan. Default limit of this feature
Auto-debit add-ons
Switch to the Staffing Agency version of Zoho Recruit. By default, you will be provided the Corporate HR version of Zoho Recruit.
Upgrade the limit of CRM features from enterprise-level to ultimate edition.
Access all of ManageEngine MDM's features. Without the add-on, you will only have MAM features, which will only allow you to distribute apps to your employees' devices.

Info: If you require other enhanced features or add-ons, please contact our support team at .

Purchase recurring and non-recurring add-ons

To opt in for recurring and non-recurring add-ons:
  1. Sign in to Zoho One  .
  2. Click your account icon in the top-right corner to reveal the sidebar.
  3. Under Subscription , click Manage .

  4. For recurring add-ons:
    1. Click Manage Add-Ons .
    2. Choose the required value from the dropdown list across the add-on.

  5. For non-recurring add-ons:
    1. Beside Nonrecurring Add-ons , click Buy More .
    2. Choose the required value from the dropdown list across the add-on.
  6. Click PROCEED , then click Make Payment .
Note: The amount displayed is inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Enable auto-debit add-ons

To enable auto debit add-ons:
  1. Sign in to Zoho One  , then click Directory from the left navigation menu.
  2. Add a Zoho app : Recruit or CRM.
  3. You will be asked if you want to enable the add-on. Enable the add-on, then click Add .
Note: If you did not enable these add-ons when adding the apps, you can enable the add-ons later by contacting our support team at .

Zoho Sites- Zoho One Plan

Sites licenses are used to activate the websites you've created using Zoho Sites. If you are a Zoho One customer, you will get Sites licenses based on the number of Zoho One employee licenses you have.
  1. 1-10 employees: 1 sites license
  2. 11-20 employees: 2 sites licenses
  3. 21-30 employees: 3 sites licenses
  4. 31-40 employees: 4 sites licenses
  5. 41+ employees: 5 sites licenses
To activate your Zoho Sites website using a Zoho One license:
  1. Sign in to Zoho One, then click Sites on your left panel.
  2. Click the profile icon in the top-right corner, then click Subscriptions.

    The Zoho One plan of your Zoho Sites account is already active. This also lists the number of websites you have purchased, the remaining available and also the number of websites you've used under your Zoho One plan.

  3. To move unsubscribed websites to the Zoho One plan, select the website and click Upgrade.

  4. Click Use License under the Zoho One plan.
     Note: After the use license pop-up closes, switch to the Subscribed tab on the left panel. 

  5. Once you map a website to the Zoho One plan, you'll be able to view the details of your individual websites, as well as the websites in your Zoho One plan.

Manage Add-ons:

You can choose to pay for add-on features to your Zoho One plan of Zoho Sites. Follow the steps below to manage your add-ons:
  1. Access Zoho Sites.
  2. Click the profile icon in the top-right corner, then click Subscriptions.

  3. Click Manage Addons under the website that you want to apply an add-on for.

  4. Manage the add-ons in the site by clicking the + symbol, then click Save. Once added, add-ons will be displayed under each site.
    1) Portal Add-on: The member portal allows you to maintain a member list for your website. You can have visitors sign up at your website, invite them to join your website group, and restrict access to pages and files from your website.
    2) Page Add-on: The pro version of Sites allows you to have upto 50 pages for your website. With Page Add-on you can increase that by 200 so you can have in total, 250 pages. If you need more pages, you'll have to buy 2 page add-ons to increase the page limit to 450.

  5. To remove a particular add-on, click Remove, then click Yes, remove it

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