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Get started with Zoho One for mobile

Admins who are already a part of the Zoho One organization can only continue to sign in to the mobile app. New users will have to sign up for Zoho One on the web app. The Zoho One mobile app offers several exciting features for admins. First, a unified admin panel gives administrators the ability to manage their entire business from their mobile device, and the app launcher lets users access all of their work-related apps. It also lets you search for data across Zoho apps, manage admin functions, and customize security policies for your users.
As a Zoho One administrator, you can onboard users, control and monitor app access, and administer security policies.
However, the mobile app can't guarantee that it will include all the features that are available in the web app because its primary goal is to enable Zoho One admins to examine the whole web version in a condensed form and conduct tasks while they are on the move.

 How to get started with Zoho One mobile 

1. Download the Zoho One app on your mobile device from the Google Play or App Store.
2. Tap Get Started to sign in. Existing users of Zoho One can continue to sign in with their account credentials, but new users will need to sign up for Zoho One through the web application. 
Once you're in, you will be asked to review the privacy settings of the app. You can choose to review it now or later. You can then take the onboarding tour to get familiarized with the app.
The app's home screen contains a Quick actions icon that serves as a shortcut for all important admin tasks.

Quick actions

The Quick actions icon gives you easy access to all vital admin functions, such as adding users or admins, creating groups, and searching for users' data across your organization.  
Tap the Add User option to add users to your organization. You will have to add each user manually; you can't import users in bulk. After adding the users you want, you can assign apps to each one.
Tapping the Create Group option lets you select a collaboration group or department, edit its details, and add moderators and members to it. You also have an option to delete a group in the app.
By tapping the Add Admin option, you can assign an admin for your organization, and tapping the Add S.Admin option allows you to add service admins to each of the applications in your Zoho One account.
At the bottom, there are four other icons: a one-tap launcher, dashboard, global search, and admin panel.

One-tap launcher

The Zoho One app has two tabs displayed on the home screen: Personal and Organization. This is where you can create and manage tabs for all of your Zoho applications. You can switch between an individual view of your own account and an admin view of your entire organization. You can choose to rename and sort it alphabetically at any time and, when it's no longer needed, you can even delete it in the app.




Admins can now track activity on individual user accounts on the Dashboard screen. You can monitor organization-wide data, such as overall app usage, check your sign-in activities for any malicious sign-in attempts, identify under-utilized apps, and examine sign-in locations.
The Users widget displays data on user activities, including when users were added, the number of external and inactive users, and the number of people who haven't been invited. The Apps widget displays the number of applications that you have added to your Zoho One organization. The Groups' widget displays the list of groups in your organization.

  Global search icon 


You can browse all the data from all of your Zoho apps, and then use the search results in applications that are already installed to quickly discover the information you need. When you tap the Filter option, you'll be able to search for information either by apps or by contacts for a quick view. Tap on View feeds to check on the latest announcements posted on Cliq and Connect. This screen also has help pages based on resources in Zoho One.

  Admin panel  

The app allows you to access Directory, Zoho One's admin panel. Directory is where you can monitor your organization. It allows you to manage and secure your workforce's digital identity through single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), control application access and user management, and regulate your company's security.
In the mobile app, Directory consists of the following tabs: Users, Groups, Applications, Admins, Security Policies, and Device Management.
The Users tab allows you to view the list of users present in your organization. You can also view them by applying advanced filters for a preferred view. Users can be added, assigned applications, and added to groups. You can also enable security policies just like you would in the web application.

The Groups tab has two types of groups: 'Collaboration groups' and 'Departments.' Either of them can be created, and users can be added. You can also add or change moderators, members, and followers to the group. Admins can choose to enhance users' security by assigning security policies to the groups.
The Applications tab lists the applications you've added to your organization. Note that you won't be able to add or delete any of these applications using the mobile app, but you can always add a user or admin and you can also change the owner of an individual application.
The Admins tab allows you to only view and assign admins to your organization.
The Security policies tab allows you to add a new policy and enforce it to your groups. You can also choose to exclude users from the policy based on your preferences.
Device Management displays two tabs: Devices and Profiles. The Devices tab lists the number of active devices, staged devices, and enrollment-pending devices that have signed in with your organization.
You will also find the Organization Settings icon on the top-left screen and Notifications tab icon on the top-right screen.

Organization settings such as name and portal URL can be viewed and edited in this tab. You can either choose to turn your app and announcement notifications on or off. The About setting shows you the latest version of the mobile app. Other app settings such as Privacy settings, Feedback, and Tour can be accessed from here.

The Notifications tab allows admins to view and respond to push notifications for every action, permission request, and approval. By changing your notification settings, you can ensure that important updates receive the proper attention while keeping your mobile notification screen clear of less important information.

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