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Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service is a space  where the employee can access  t heir personal information, related services,  and quick actions.

The following is a list of basic tabs that they can view and edit from their self-service page:


An employee will be able to view their complete profile, including personal details, work details, skill set information, reportees, and related information. 

To initiate a quick chat with any teammate, simply click the chat icon beside that employee's name. 

An employee can also update their profile picture by clicking on the image and then clicking Change Photo.

Chat and Profile Photo permissions for employee must have been enabled by the Admin.


In this tab, the employee will be able to see the members of your team. All the members of their team will be listed. For a more detailed view, click on the name of the teammate to view their self-service page. 


An employee can view their calendar with any events or meetings that are scheduled. To log time or apply leave on a particular day, click on that day and select the desired option. 


Under the leave tab, an employee will be  able to view their leave balance and applied leaves till date. They can also apply leave by  c licking  Apply Leave  from the self-service page

Click here to learn more about Leave.


In this tab, an employee can log time for the jobs that they do. Time logging can be done using a timer or through manual methods. You can manually log time using the following options : Daily Log, Weekly Log , and Monthly Log. 

Time logs can be filtered by period, clients, jobs, projects, and billable status. To filter the logs, click the funnel icon. 

Click here to learn more about Timesheet.


The following actions can  performed from the Attendance tab:

  • Click the check-in or check-out button to do a web check-in or check-out

  • View the total hours logged per day

  • View the payable days, weekends, and more for the whole week

  • Navigate to the previous week to view previous attendance details

  • Click on the week or month view icons to view a week or month's attendance

  • Export the attendance data by clicking on the ellipsis icon

Click here to learn more about Attendance.


When an employee wishes to delegate approvals to another employee, either during a specific duration or permanently, they can do so with the Delegation feature. This feature will be viewable to an employee if permission has been enabled. 

To add a new delegation :
  1. Navigate to Self-Service, and then Delegation
  2. Click Add Delegation

  1. Select the Delegator
  2. Select the Delegatee
  3. Under Type, select either Temporary or Permanent. If you select Temporary, select the applicable Date Range
  4. Under Notification, choose either Delegator and Delegatee or Delegatee. If Delegator and Delegatee is chosen, all approval messages will be sent to both Delegator and Delegatee. If Delegatee is chosen, approval messages will not be sent to the Delegator.
  5. Under Description, you can include information regarding the approvals
  6. Click Save
Delegations can be edited or deleted using the pencil and trash icon , respectively. 


An employee can view all the files that are shared with them in the files tab. They can also upload their documents under personal uploads.

Click here to learn more about Files.


All the cases raised by the employee will be listed here in the cases tab. To view more details on the case, simply click on the case. 

Cases can also be exported by clicking  Export  in the ellipsis icon. 

Click here to learn more about Cases. 

Personal Settings   

The personal settings  i s an exclusive space for each employee to personalize their account and information. To modify personal settings, click the personal settings icon in Self-Service.

The following settings can be personalized by an employee

Locale settings 

The preferred language, country, and time zone of an employee can be selected based on their current work location. 


These settings  help provide privacy to an individual's information.
By default, birthday, work , and wedding anniversary dates, and mobile number will be viewable by other employees in the organization. 

If the birthday, work anniversary, and wedding anniversary widgets are enabled by the organization, but the employee does not want their information to be viewable, they can hide their information here. Similarly, if the employee has selected to hide their mobile number, it will not be visible to others when they search for their profile.

Theme settings

An employee can select the relevant color and images that reflect  t heir personal style or mood.

  • The chosen menu color will be visible on the left-hand side menu.

  • The theme color will run across all the tab names and clickable buttons.

  • The cover image will be visible in the self-service top bar. 

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