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Employee Leave

Zoho People's leave provides up-to-date information on your entitled leaves and leave status. It also lets you quickly apply for leave and compensatory off. The employee can view their holiday calendar to plan their vacation. They can also view reports to gain insightful information about their leave trends, and the other employees' availability in their department on any given day.

 Leave views

An employee can view leave data both as a list or a calendar.

List View 

The List View features an employee's complete leave details with the status of approvals. The breakup of planned and used leaves can also be viewed under Booked within each leave type.

They can apply for leave, view leave information of previous years' leave, and sync their leave with Google Calendar or Office 365. 

Calendar View  

This view displays an employee's monthly leave details across the calendar. You can also view the past and future month-wise leave details by using the date bar (top middle).

User view: to view one's leave details across the calendar
    1. From your home page, go to Leave > Views > Calendar View.
    2. Click on User.
    3. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between months.

Department view: to view the leave details of the members of a department.

    1. From your home page, go to Leave > Views > Calendar View.

    2. Click Department

    3. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between months
This view provides a detailed list of department members.

Additionally, you can export and print your leave details by clicking the ellipsis icon and selected the required option. If password protection is enabled for exporting files, then a password to open the file will be sent to the employee's mail. 

Applying for Leave

Applying leave is a simple task that can be performed as follows. Let's say an employee wants to apply for bereavement leave. 

    1. From your home page, go to Leave > Views > Apply Leave.

    2. Select Bereavement leave under Leave Type and give the Date. 

    3. Based on the settings for the leave type, you can also apply for hour-based leave. For day-based leave, you can apply for half-day leave (first or second half) or for quarter-day leave (1st , 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter) based on the configured permissions.

    4.  Enter the team email address and reason for leave, as required.
bereavement leave

    5. Click Submit.

A leave summary specific to the employee will be displayed while applying for leave, which will provide a clear picture of the leave balance before and after the applied leave and the year-end (31st Dec) estimated balance for that leave type. 

Upon clicking Balance after booked leave, an employee will be able to get a detailed view of the leave transactions. 
bereavement leave balance

Leave Applications  

All leave applications with their date of request, leave duration, leave type, and current approval status will be listed when you view Leave Applications.

By using the filter, an employee can view the leave requests of:

  • Specific period

  • Selected date range

  • Specific type of leave: paid, unpaid, compensatory off, restricted holidays, or on duty

  • Specific leave type 

For example, if an employee wants to view all their paid leave applications,

    1. From Home, go to Leave > Views > Leave Applications.

    2. Click the filter icon.

    3. Select the required date range.

    4. From the Employee dropdown, select All Employees.

    5. Choose Paid Type.

    6. Click  Search .

Cancelling leave

If an employee wants to cancel a leave request, they can easily cancel the leave with these steps:

    1. From Home, go to Leave > Views. 

    2. Click on the specific leave request you want to cancel, now click Cancel
    Partial leave cancellation: If the leave request has multiple days, you can use the checkboxes to select the dates that you want to cancel the leave for (or select the entire range, if all days)
    3. If reason for cancellation is mandatory, enter a reason for canceling the leave.
    4.  Click Yes.

Notifying team regarding absence

While applying for leave, there is an option to notify the team of the person's absence. On clicking 'Apply Leave', an employee is taken to the page as shown in the image below.

Here, under Team email ID, we can specify the email address of the team to be notified of the absence of the person who is on leave.

Applying for compensatory off 

If your organization has enabled compensatory off, an employee can request for comp off for having worked on weekend or holiday. To request for a compensatory off, 

    1. Go to Leave > Compensatory off.

    2. Click  Add Request .

apply comp off

    3. Enter the date you worked on and the duration of comp off you want to request.

    4. Click  Submit .

Once your request has been submitted and approved (if approvals are configured), you will be able to book comp off in one of two ways. 

Method 1 : Click the  Apply Leave option and apply for the leave under compensatory off. 

comp off leave

Select the date on which you would like to take the compensatory off leave and click  Submit. 

Method 2 : Click Book Comp off  under the  Compensatory off tab. 

You will be redirected to the apply leave page. 

Applying for Leave Grant

Based on your organization's policy and permissions configured, special requests for leave can be made through Leave Grant.
To request for leave grant,
1. Go to Leave > Leave Grant > Add Request.
2. Select the applicable leave type.

3. Enter the Effective from date.
4. Enter the number of days needed for this leave grant.
5. Enter the reason for requesting this leave grant.
6. Attach supporting documents as proof.
7. Click Submit.

Based on what is configured in the organization, the leave grant request will go for approval or will be auto-approved if the request meets the set restrictions.

Once it is approved, the requested number of days will be credited in the employee's leave balance. They will be able to apply for the requested leave. This leave will also undergo an approval process if one is configured; else it will be auto-approved.

Viewing holidays

An employee can look up the holidays section to view the list of holidays applicable to them in the current year. The employee can use this information to plan their vacation in advance.
viewing holidays

Leave Reports 

Leave Balance

This report gives the employee  their current leave balance for the leave types that are applicable to them. This report is available in a chart or tabular form , with both day and hour - based views. 

Resource Availability

This report provides details on who is on leave and who is present in the office. This comes in handy when the employee needs backup at work. This report will only be viewable to the employee if the admin has given permission to access it. 

The report shows a monthly view; you can use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between months. 

The information can be filtered based on a specific period, department, location, or user. 

L et's say an employee wants to view the availability of all the employees in the HR department from Jan 15th - Feb 14th 2020. To view this :

    1. Go to Reports > My Reports > Resource Availability

    2.  Click the filter icon
    3. Under Period, select Custom.
    4.  Select  15-Jan-2020 in the From date.
    5.  Select  14-Feb-2020 i n the  To date.
    6.  Select  HR under  Department
    7. Click  Submit.


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