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Sync With Other Calendars

Sync Calendar With MS Outlook

  1. Log into your portal and select the required project.
  2. Click Calendar and select in the upper-right corner, and then click the ICS help link.
  3. Copy the Google Calendar link.

  4. Open the Outlook 2010 application and click the File menu.
  5. Click the Account Settings drop-down arrow, and then click Account Settings.
  6. Click the Internet Calendars tab, and click New.
  7. Paste the Google Calendar link copied from Zoho Projects and then click the Add button.

Sync With iCalendar

To view the project data in iCalendar:

  1. Log into your portal and select the required project, click Calendar. Click in the upper-right corner, and then click the ICS help link.
  2. Copy the iCalendar link.

  3. Open the iCalendar application.
  4. Click the Subscribe option in the Calendar menu.
  5. Paste the iCalendar link, and click Subscribe.
  6. Provide the Calendar name, and select the things to be displayed in the calendar.
  7. Select the Auto-refresh option, and click OK.
  8. You will receive the activities feed in iCalendar application.

Sync With Google Calendar

To view the project data in Google Calendar:

  1. Log into your portal and scroll down to view the My Events section.
  2. Click View More and select Calendar.
  3. Click in the upper right corner, and then click the ICS help link.
  4. Copy the Google Calendar link.
  5. Go to the Google Calendar service and click the Other calendars drop-down arrow.
  6. Click the Add by URL option, paste the copied gcalendar link, and then click Add Calendar.

All your calendar events are listed in your Google calendar. 

Subscribe To Zoho Calendar Service

The tasks, milestones, and events assigned to you will be displayed on Zoho Calendar after the default sync interval.

  1. Log in to your Zoho Projects account.
  2. In a new tab, access
  3. Click the Settings link at the top.
  4. Click Zoho Apps displayed from the left, and then choose Zoho Projects from the displayed options.
  5. Choose the required portal and click Subscribe to update the events in Zoho Calendar.

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