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Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho Projects supports Zoho CRM integration which helps you manage the deals you win and track them using projects from CRM with ease.

You must configure Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM integration before you can sync data.


  • Keep all internal users and customers in sync
  • Monitor all project activity related to your clients from a single place
  • Measure project progress
  • Automate client account mapping

CRM Task Integration

Bi-directional sync (Two-way sync) is enabled for task updates and comments from Zoho CRM to Zoho Projects and vice versa. i.e, When a task field is updated or when a task comment is added in Zoho CRM, the change is synced with the respective task in Zoho Projects and vice versa.

The sync is enabled for the following task fields:
  1. Task Title
  2. Task Description
  3. End Date
  4. Priority
  5. Closed / Reopen Status
  6. Task Owner

Add a Task in Zoho Projects and Save to Zoho CRM

  1. Navigate to the project where the client account is mapped to a CRM account.
  2. Click Add Task.
  3. Enter the task details and then click Save and Add to Zoho CRM. This button is not shown if the project is not associated to a CRM account.

  4. Select a CRM account or deal to associate the task.
    • Mapped Accounts / UnMapped Accounts:
      • Mapped Accounts: The CRM account to which the Zoho Projects client account is already mapped is displayed in this section. The account should have the same name in both Zoho Projects and CRM.
      • UnMapped Accounts: When a CRM account and a Zoho Projects client account share the same name and they are yet to be mapped, its name is displayed in this section.
    • Only the deals associated with the selected project are displayed in the drop-down.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click at the top right corner in task detail page and select Add to Zoho CRM to add the existing tasks to Zoho CRM.

After you add a task to Zoho CRM, the task is shown with a CRM icon in the Zoho Projects tasks List  view.

Known limitations

Use case 1: Updating the Due Date of a Strict Project Task in Zoho CRM

George works for a Data Migration project that runs on a fixed schedule(i.e a strict project). He is also a CRM user and he updates the due date of a task in the Data Migration project from Zoho CRM. He notices that the due date update didn't reflect.

What happens next and why?

  • In this case, George will receive a notification Email stating that his recent due date update has failed because it falls beyond the associated project's schedule. So, A user cannot update the due date of a task in Zoho CRM when the new date falls beyond the strict project's schedule in Zoho Projects.

Use case 2: Reopening a subtask in Zoho CRM

Linda has a Projects account integrated with Zoho CRM. She reopens a completed task that belongs to the associated Projects account in Zoho CRM, but notices that the update didn't reflect.

What happens next and why?

  • In this case, Linda will receive a notification Email stating that her latest task status update has failed because the task has a parent in Zoho Projects that's closed. So, A user cannot reopen a subtask in Zoho CRM when its parent remains closed in Zoho Projects. 
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