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Zoho People Integration

Planning work can be tricky when people take vacation time. It is important to know if resources are available to take up tasks and issues. Our Zoho People integration does just that.


  • Find out if users are available to take up work when creating tasks or submitting issues.
  • Balance workload from the resource utilization chart based on their availability.
  • Apply for time-off from the calendar module.
  • Approve or reject leaves keeping project requirements in mind.

Click to learn more about access privileges for Zoho Apps integration.

Feature Availability: Premium and Enterprise plans 

Configure Zoho People integration

You will need to configure Zoho People integration before you start viewing time-off requests.

  1. Navigate to > Marketplace > Zoho Apps.
  2. Click Configure in the Zoho People tile.
  3. Click Configure in the next screen to enable the integration.
  4. Enable the desired user sync under configuration tab.
    1. Sync employee ID from Zoho People: Enable it to display the employee ID of each user beside their name. 

    2. Sync users from Zoho Projects to Zoho People: Enable it to access the time off module from Zoho Projects. Users except the admins and those in free plan can be deactivated from Zoho Projects. 

    3. Sync new or activated users from Zoho People to Zoho Projects: Enable it to add users in Zoho Projects until the limit gets exceeded. The default role of all the users is "Employee". 

    4. Deactivate the inactive users of Zoho People in Zoho Projects: Enable it to deactivate the Zoho People's inactive users except portal owners.

    5. Sync Reporting Manager details from Zoho People to Zoho Projects: Enable it to sync reporting manager details when the details are exported from Zoho People in a CSV and imported to Zoho Projects.
      This option will be available after the import is completed.

  5. Click Import Users
  6. Select the users to import and then click Import Now.

View User Availability When Adding Task

You can check time-off data when adding a task using the calendar in the Start Date or Due Date.

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click on Task > Add Task
  3. Click on the calendar in Start Date or Due Date field.
  4. Hover over the date to see the users who have taken their time-off.

View User Availability When Adding Issues

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click on Issues in the top navigation panel.
  3. Click Submit Issue.
  4. Click on the calendar in Due Date field.
  5. Hover over the date to see the users who have taken their time-off. 

Apply For Time-Off

Users can apply for time-off from the Calendar module, User Profile page, and Activity Stream.

Apply from Calendar

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click on Calendar.
  3. Select any date to view the Calendar Activity.
  4. Select Time-Off.
  5. Enter your details and click Save.
    • Your Manager/Lead will receive a notification after you apply for leave. Leave request will also be pushed to their Feed. 

Apply from Setup

  1. Navigate to > Personal Preferences  > Profile.
  2. Click Apply Leave.
  3. Enter the details and click Save

Apply from Activity Stream

  1. Navigate to Feed  > Activity Stream.
  2. Click on your profile.
  3. Click Apply Leave.
  4. Enter the details and click Save

View Skill Set

View user skill set from Zoho Projects.

  1. Navigate to user profile.
    • This can be accessed by clicking on user profile picture from stream or feeds.
    • You can also navigate to User tab in the project or  > Manage Users > Portal Users and click on their profile picture.
  2. View user skills from the details page. 
Skills can also be viewed from feeds and resource utilization chart. Hover over the user name or profile image and see the details.

Calendar View

View time-offs from your calendar. Navigate to calendar and check if users are not available on any given day. You can also filter your calendar by leave to view only the time-off data.

Approve or Reject Leaves

Managers/Leads can view, approve, or reject leaves from the Home dashboard. The My Approval widget also lets you approve or reject leaves in bulk.

  1. Navigate to Home > My Approvals
  2. Hover over leave requests to see Approve and Reject options.
  3. Select multiple entries to view bulk Approve and Reject options.
    1. Users will receive notification when a leave is approved or rejected.
    2. Information will also be pushed to their Feed. 

Resource Utilization Chart

The Resource Utilization Chart let's you check work load of resources and balance them if necessary. Zoho People integration now let's you see their availability from the chart.

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click Gantt & Reports in the top navigation panel.
  3. Select Resource Utilization from the drop-down
  4. Hover over a date to check if a user is on leave.
    • indicates that the user in on leave.

Sync Projects, Tasks, and Timesheets

Enable the integration from Zoho People to let Zoho Projects automatically syncs approved timesheets at scheduled intervals. Zoho People also allows you to import projects, tasks, and timesheets from Zoho Projects. You can also push approved timelogs from Zoho People to Zoho Projects.

Uninstall Zoho People

  1. Navigate to > Marketplace > Zoho Apps.
  2. Click on Zoho People.
  3. Click Uninstall and confirm.
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