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Issue Details Page

Issue details page displays important information related to the issue. The information can be edited or deleted. Users can also add comments, attachments, provide resolutions, log hours, link other issues and tasks, view activity stream, follow issues, move or clone, and print the issue.

View Issue Details

  1. Select a project from the Recent Projects section or from the Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Issues tab in the top band to open the Plain view.
  3. Click on an issue to open the details page.

  4. Issue ID and Issue title are displayed at the top.
  5. Click to view more information .
  6. Add a Description by clicking +
  7. Edit the required fields in the next section. Click on a field to view options.  Make the changes as required.
    • The changes are saved automatically.
  8. Scroll the issue details page to add additional information to the issue.
    1. Comments: You can add comments while modifying an issue. Use the screen-grabber to share screenshots or the in-built draw tool to highlight or obscure areas.
    2. Attachments: Attach and share screenshots using the screen-grabber. Attachments added in Comments and Resolution section are shown here.
    3. Resolution: Use this option to resolve the issue. You can also add attachments and screenshots when resolving an issue.
    4. Log Hours: Add the time you spent on resolving the issue. You can also set the start and end time.
    5. Link Issue: You can link and classify related issues.
    6. Tasks: Link related tasks to your issue. (Not applicable for stand-alone BugTracker subscriptions)
    7. Activities: View the history of the issue. The activities are listed chronologically.
    8. Changesets : View changesets here.
    9. Follow or Add Followers to the issue. Click Follow to track the issue or Unfollow to stop. Click Add Followers to select and add project users to the issue.
    10. Extensions: Click to view extensions installed in your portal.
  9. Add followers to the issue by clicking .
  10. Click to view more options. Move, Clone, Follow, or Delete an Issue. Access Notification Helper from to check if a user will receive notifications for a particular trigger event.

Move Issues

  1. Select a project from the Recent Projects section or from the Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Issues tab in the top band to open the Plain view.
  3. Click on an issue to open the details page.
  4. Click in the top right and then click Move.
  5. Select a project from the drop-down.
  6. Click Move.

The issue cannot be moved to another project if there are invoiced time logs.

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