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Create Project From a Template

Create a New Project

  1. Navigate to Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click New Project button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the existing project template in the Template field.
  4. Enter the Project Start Date of your project and fill in other details. 
  5. Click Add to proceed.

Set Task Recurrence and Reminder in a Project Template

You can create tasks and set recurrence and reminders for them. These will apply when you create a project using the template.

Recurring Tasks

In a project template, you can create tasks and set them to recur anytime using the Recurring function in Zoho Projects. You can set recurrence details while creating or editing a task.

You can enable the  Set to previous business day  option, to automatically set the previous day as the Start Date for the task, if the Start Date of the recurring task occurs on a holiday or a weekend. This option is enabled only if the Recurring frequency of the task is set to  Monthly or Yearly.

You can also set the recurring frequency for tasks without any defined limit. The No End Date option helps in defining the limitless occurrence.

Task Reminders

If you're working on multiple tasks, you need a reminder to know the start and end dates of the tasks. Setting up a reminder will send timely email notifications. With task reminders in Zoho Projects, you don't miss a single task.

In Remind on, if you select:

  • None: There are no reminder mails for these tasks.
  • Daily: Reminder mail for a task is triggered daily from the scheduled date in Start Date until the Due on date. (Mail notification is sent every day, from the selected start date until its due date.) Also, based on Business Hours settings, reminder mails are sent even if the task Start Date and End Date falls on a weekend or holiday.
  • On Same Day: Reminder mail for task is triggered only on the scheduled Due on date. (Mail notification is sent only on the task due date.) Also, based on Business Hours settings, reminder mails are sent even if the task Due on date falls on a weekend or holiday.
  • day(s): You can set reminder mails to be triggered any desired number of days, ahead of the scheduled Due on date. For example, you can set reminder mails to be triggered 3 days before the Due on date. Also, based on Business Hours settings, if you have skipped weekends in your settings, reminder mails are calculated and sent skipping the weekend or holiday.

However, you cannot set reminders for elapsed date in Zoho Projects.

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