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Project Dashboard

Dashboard in a project shows important progress indicators, graphs, statistics, and other key performance indicators to quickly understand where the project stands.


  1. View summary of work items in the project
  2. Check progress of your project
  3. View and edit project details
  4. View summary charts
  5. Manage email alias


The widgets showcase the status of the team in the best possible way. You can reposition widgets, change the chart type, and access data quickly in the dashboard. You need permission to view the respective module to view the widgets on the dashboard.

Click to learn more about access privileges for various modules in Zoho Projects.

Project Progress

You can view progress of your project from the project dashboard. Progress is shown as a percentage in the top left corner.

  1. Based on completed task and issue count - Progress is calculated as a percentage of completed tasks and bugs. ([no. of completed tasks + no of completed bugs]*100/total no of tasks and bugs in the project)
  2. Based on task percentage completion - Progress is calculated as a percentage of total count of tasks at each level of percentage completion and completed bugs. ([no. of tasks at 1% completion * 1 + no. of tasks at 2% completion * 2 + no. of tasks at 3% completion * 3 + ...... + no. of tasks at 100% completion * 100 + no. of completed issues*100]/total no. of tasks and bugs).
  3. Based on weightage field - Users can customize the weightage for each task and issue. The project completion percentage is calculated based on the weightage value given in weightage field (numeric field or task duration or work hours).

Progress Of Work Items

The widgets - Task Status, Issue Status, and Phase Status show how many work items are closed and how many are open.

Performance Indicators

The widgets - Team Status, Top 5  Go-getters, and Top 5 Issue fixers  display data that measure the team's performance.

  • Team Status - It displays the count of the overdue and open work items for every user in the team. It also displays the number of tasks or bugs to be addressed by the user on the current day.
  • Top 5 Go-getters  - The users with the maximum number of closed tasks are listed in this widget.
  • Top 5 Issue fixers - The users with the maximum number of closed issues are listed in this widget.

Reports and Summary Charts

The widgets - Task Progress Chart, Weekly Digest, Timesheet Summary, and Budget Status display the work status in the form of reports and graphs.

  • Task Progress Chart  - Get the task count against a specific completion percentage from the graph. Hover over any shaded part in the graph to get the exact task count against a completion percentage.
  • Weekly Digest - Get the status of the tasks, task lists, phasephasephases, and bugs in the current week from this widget. Select a week from the drop-down to view its status. You can also select a different view from the lot in the upper right part of the widget.
  • Budget Status - Track the budget and ensure whether the team is on track. You can also measure the team's productivity with the help of the Planned vs Actual section.
  • Timesheet Summary - Track the billable and non-billable hours that are logged by the team.

Pipeline Work Item Indicators

The widgets - Today's Work Items, Overdue Work Items, and Upcoming Events display the work that is yet to be completed.

  • Today's Work Items - Get the list of the work items that are scheduled for the current day.
  • Overdue Work Items - Get the list of the work items that are incomplete and have gone past the due date.
  • Upcoming Events - View the events that are scheduled for the current week.

Manage Project Details

From the dashboard, you can also edit the project description, information and also add additional fields.   

  1. Click Projects in the left navigation panel and navigate to your project.

  2. Click  beside the project title and select the Access Project option.

  3. Click Dashboard from the top panel.

Manage Notifications

Stay up to date in the project with the help of notifications. Click  in the top band and view the latest updates in the project. You can also navigate to a specific work item from the notification panel itself.

Email Project Management

Zoho Projects now supports email based project management. Now, you can easily manage your projects with emails.
  1. Click Projects in the left navigation panel and navigate to your project.

  2. Hover over your project and click the Access Project option.

  3. Click  in the top panel beside Open Details.

  4. Click Email Alias.

Know your requirements

  1. You need to register your personal or business email address with
  2. You have to be associated with that project to add tasks, issues, comments, and files via email into the projects.
  3. If you are not associated with the project, still you can manage your project. But, this is possible only if you own the Enterprise edition of Zoho Projects. You must configure the email settings, to forward issues from Zoho Projects to your configured mail address.
Now, open your email and start adding your project activities in one click.
  1. To add a status - Copy the email address given in the To Add Status section to your To address.
  2. To add a task - Copy the email address given in the To Add Task section to your To address.
  3. To add an Issue - Copy the email address given in the To Add Issue section to your To address.
  4. To add a forum post - Copy the email address given in the To Add Forum section to your To address.
  5. To upload a document - Copy the email address given in the To Upload Document section to your To address.


While adding a task via email: 
  1. In Subject, enter its priority first, followed by the task message. (Note: !- Low priority, !!- Medium priority, !!!- High priority). Your subject should look like this: SYNTAX - Subject: !!Redesign Template for credit cards
  2. You can also add the start date and end date for tasks in the subject. The first square bracket contains the start date and the second square bracket contains the end date. [11-29-2019][11-30-2019].
  3. The task will be assigned to users mentioned in the CC.
  4. The files that you attach to the task from your email alias, will be added to the documents section in your task details page. Also, the file size that you attach in the email should not exceed 20 MB.
  5. Open a task to view the details page. Scroll down to the comments tab and copy the email address in 'To add Task Comment via email'. The contents email to this address will be added as task comments.


While adding a forum via email:
  1. In Subject, first select if the forum post is an announcement or a sticky post followed by the forum message.
  2. Syntax for announcement: [announcement] Example: [announcement] Release Note for build 4.0
  3. Syntax for sticky post: [sticky].

Issue Comments

  1. Click the required issue in the Issue list view.
  2. Click the Comments tab and copy the issue mail address 'To add Issue Comment via email'.
  3. Compose a mail and paste this email address in the To address.
  4. Type your contents and click Send.

Add Comments / Attach Files for an Event

  1. Click Calendar and select the required event.
  2. Copy the event email address specific for this event provided in 'Post a comment via email'
  3. From your mail account, compose a mail and paste the copied email address in the To address.
  4. Add comments, attach files and then click Send.
The contents added in the email is automatically posted as comments along with the files for your event.

Upload Files to a Folder

  1. Select a project in Projects and click Documents
  2. Select a folder to upload the file(s).
  3. Scroll down to the right bottom of the page and click Show Info. Copy the email address to this folder in Send Document via email, for uploading the document.
  4. Compose a mail and paste this email address in the To address.
  5. Attach files and click Send to attach files to the selected folder.

Supported Date Formats

Zoho Projects supports many date formats such as Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Monday, Tuesday, Next Thursday, Next Friday and so on. The supported Start Date and End Date formats are listed below:

Start Date formats:

Date must be in 'mm-dd-yyyy' format or in any one of the following strings: Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Next day, Next week, Next month, Next year, Next Monday, Next Tuesday, Next Wednesday, Next Thursday, Next Friday, Next Saturday, Next Sunday.

Modify Email Alias

From the dashboard, you can also edit the project information and get the email Alias to add work items from your registered Email address to your Zoho Projects portal.

  1. Click Projects in the left navigation panel and navigate to your project.
  2. Hover over your project and click the Access Project option.
  3. Click Open Details in the top panel beside the Project Title.

  4. Click  in the right panel.
  5. Click   to change the email alias.
  6. Update the email alias and Click Save.

Archive a Project

  1. Click Projects in the left navigation panel  and navigate to your project.
  2. Hover over your project and click the Access Project option.
  3. Click  in the top panel beside the Open Details.
  4. Click Move to Archive.
  5. Confirm your action.
You can also archive a project from the Project Details. Click  in the upper-right corner and click Move to Archive.

Customize Widgets

Rearrange the order in which the widgets display in the dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Click Projects in the left navigation panel  and navigate to your project.
  2. Hover over your project and click the Access Project option.
  3. Click Dashboard from the top panel. 
  4. Click  and select Customize Widget, you will see the complete list of widgets available in the dashboard with their status.

  5. Toggle a module to enable/disable it. You can also drag and drop a widget reorder it.

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