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Import from Jira

Thank you for considering Zoho Projects. If you are ready to migrate your data from JIRA Cloud into Zoho Projects, follow the steps given below to import your data. 
This feature is not available for Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One users.


  1. Portal admin must set the User email visibility to Public in Jira.
  2. Jira users must navigate to Profile and Visibility > Email address and change their visibility to Anyone. Only users with visibility set to Anyone will be imported.

Supported Modules and Fields

The following are the supported modules and fields that you can import from JIRA into Zoho Projects.
  1. Project Groups
  2. Projects
  3. Bugs
  4. Users
  5. Bug Fields ( Status, Severity, Classification and Module )
  6. Custom Fields  ( Text, Multi-line, Date, Picklist and User Picklist) 
  8. Attachments  
  9. Milestones

Standard Field Mapping

Zoho Projects Field
JIRA Field
Project Groups
Project Categories
Issue Type
Date Picker & Date Time Picker
User Picklist
User picker (Single user)
Select (Single choice)
Single Line Text 
URL, Text Field (Single line)
MultiLine Text  
Text Fields (Multi-line)
  • Custom Fields other than the field types mentioned in the table above will not be imported.
  • Zoho Projects / BugTracker supports 120 custom fields per portal. 50 single line text + pick-list fields, 20 number fields, 10 multi-line text fields, 20 date fields, and 20 user pick-list fields.
  • Admin role users in JIRA will be imported as “Admin" in Zoho Projects too! And the rest of the user roles will be imported as “Employee".
  • Work flows will not be imported, and you must manually configure the workflow in Zoho Projects.
  • Zoho Projects does not support multiple values for Milestones / Versions.

Import your projects from JIRA

Specify the JIRA address in Zoho Projects

  1. Login to Zoho Projects with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click in the upper-right corner and select Imports under Data Administration.  
  3. Navigate to Jira Import tab and click Start Import.
  4. Select your portal and enter the JIRA domain address in the Jira Migration page. 
  5. Click Continue.

Enter the Zoho Projects address link in JIRA

  1. Copy the portal address in Application URL to link the JIRA account.
    If you have already configured an Application URL, you must delete it, and reconfigure to import again.
  2. Click Take me to JIRA Configuration, and in the JIRA account paste the copied Zoho Projects portal address in Application.
  3. Zoho address
  4. Click Create new link.
  5. In Configure Application URL pop-up ignore the message and click Continue.
  6. Enter the Application Name and select the Create incoming link checkbox in Link Applications.  
    • The Application Name is user-defined.
    • It is mandatory to select the Create incoming link checkbox.
    • create-newlink
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Enter the Consumer Key, Consumer Name, and Public Key in Link Applications.
    • You can copy the Consumer Key and Public Key from the JIRA Migration page in Zoho Projects.
    • The Consumer Name is user-defined.
  9. Click Continue.  
  10. A message indicating that the new link is successfully created is displayed.

Authenticate Zoho Projects to import data from JIRA

  1. Click I'm done with the configuration, in the JIRA Migration page in Zoho Projects.
  2. Click Import Now and then click Allow on the JIRA Welcome page to authenticate the import.

When the migration is complete, an email is sent to the user (administrator) who imported the projects, with the import details. 

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