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Import from XLS/CSV/JSON/MPP

You can now import MPP/ MPX/ XLS/ JSON/ CSV files into Zoho Projects and start collaborating.

  1. Login to Zoho Projects with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click  in the top navigation panel.
  3. Navigate to Data Administration > Imports.  
  4. Navigate to MPP and other file import and click Start Import.
  5. Select the desired file to import and select a project.
  6. Click Import to import the file.

  1. If the imported file contains custom fields then map them with the layout task custom fields (if any) and click Continue.
  2. You can either leave the imported tasks unassigned or associate it with the existing project users based on your requirement. 
  3. Once the users are associated, click Associate users.

  1. If the imported file, follow the below steps:
  1. Associate the imported file with their corresponding task fields and then click Continue. To note, when you import the work hours of a user along with their respective task information, ensure to use the following keys while importing.
    Key to be used while importing XLS
    Mapped criteria
    Work hours per Day
    Work % per Day
    Total Work Hours
  2. A warning message about applying default values to mismatched fields is displayed.
  3. Choose the required option in Import XLS Wizard to schedule the import.

  • All the task list available in the imported file are listed in the Classic View.
  • If you map the TASK OWNER to the corresponding xls field, and continue to import, the Import XLS File wizard is displayed. In this wizard, you can choose to leave the tasks unassigned or associate the xls users to project users.
  • Zoho Projects supports multi-sheet files for task import. Headers from the first sheet will be used to map the fields in Zoho Projects. Single line text fields are limited to 255 characters and pick list values are limited to 100 characters. Entries exceeding the character limit will be truncated and imported. 
  • You can also import subtasks along with tasks in the form of XLS, CSV, or a JSON file.

Download a sample XLS, CSV, or a JSON file here.

While importing, if you map only the TASK LIST ID, the corresponding task list alone is imported, even if there are identical task list names. However, if you map the TASK LIST NAME, all the available task list with the given task list name are imported irrespective of their task list ID.


Mapped Field Name
Imported Tasklist
Edit Template
Tasklist ID
Edit Template -1234
Edit Template
Tasklist Name
Edit Template-1234 and Edit Template-5678

Set dependency in the import file

You can set task dependency in the import file. Add a column titled "Predecessor" in the file. The syntax for setting dependency is as follows:
<Task ID> <Dependency type> <+ or - to denote lag or lead> <duration in days or hours>

Task ID: It is the ID of the predecessor task.
Dependency type: FS denotes finish to start
                                  SS denotes start to start
                                  SF denotes start to finish
                                  FF denotes finish to finish
Lag or lead time: + denotes a lag. - denotes a lead.
Duration in days or hours: example, 2d denotes 2 days. 3h denotes 3 hours.

Dependency can be set in the following formats:
  1. PD1-T1 FS + 3d
    1. PD1-T1 is the task ID. FS is the finish-start dependency. + indicates lag. Lag is set as 3 days.
  2. PD1-T1 SS
    1. PD1-T1 is the task ID. SS is the start-start dependency. There is no lead or lag time here.
  3. PD1-T1 SF - 4h
    1. PD1-T1 is the task ID. SF is the start-finish dependency. - indicates the lead. Lead is set as 4 hours.
  4. PD1-T3 FS, PD1-T5 SS +1d
    1. Multiple predecessors can be set using a comma.
If you don't mention a dependency type, finish to start (FS) will be set by default.
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