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Manage Tasks

Edit or Delete a Task

You can edit the task in Classic, Plain, and Kanban view. You can modify task details such as task comments, description, subtasks, log hours, documents, forums, and so on.

  1. Select a project from the Recent Projects section or the Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Tasks tab in the top band.
  3. Click on a task to open the details page.
  4. Change the necessary fields. The changes will be saved automatically.
  5. Click in the upper-right corner and then click Delete to delete the task.

While editing the comments, if you want to attach files or screenshots of any web page, just click Attach File to upload a file.
  1. You can also navigate to the next task or task lists while editing tasks.
  2. Users with Related permission in View can only delete tasks without subtasks.

Move a Task to Another Task List or Project

You can move tasks to another task list or to another project.

  1. Select a project from the Recent Projects section or the Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Tasks tab in the top band.
  3. Click on a task to open the details page.
  4. Click in the upper-right corner and click Move.
  5. Select a task list to move the task to and then click Move. The task is moved to the new task list.
  6. Select Choose from Completed Task Lists to move to a task list that has been marked complete.
  7. Tasks can also be moved to another project.
  8. Click on Move to Another Project and select a project. Choose the required task list and then click Move. The task is moved to a new project.

Type of Tasks View

Zoho Projects supports 3 different type of task view:  Classic, Plain, Kanban.

Default view for task lists and tasks. You can customize your columns in the classic view.
This view is sorted based on due date. It displays all tasks and its dependencies with the task level.
Kanban cards are an easy, dynamic way to create and visualize your workflows.  Task lists and tasks are visually arranged, so every team member knows the tasks and subtasks in every task list. 

View Task Details

  1. Select a project from the Recent Projects section or the Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Tasks tab in the top band.
  3. Click on a task to open the details page.
  4. Click a task for which you would like to view the details.
  5. Click the cross icon   to close the details view.
  • You will be able to modify the field values right from the details view.
  • Hover over a field to update its value.
  • You can also set dependency between tasks. Select Dependency tab from the bottom tray and click the Gantt bar to link tasks between same or different projects. Know more about setting dependency between tasks.

View Budget in Task

View the planned versus actual cost and cost variance details in the list and detailed view of the task. You can view this only if budget is enabled in the setup page. If your project is based on hours then Difference column shows the difference between planned and actual hours or if it is based on the amount then Cost Variance column highlights the difference in planned and actual cost. 

Planned cost for a recurring task will be multiplied by the number of occurrences and added to the task list. Learn more about creating a budget.

View dependency status in task details page

The task details page displays the dependency status of the task. Meaning, if the task is either waiting for other tasks to be completed or blocking other tasks from starting.  Hovering over the status will show the list of affected tasks. The dependent tasks can be accessed by clicking on the task name.

Start Conversations Via Task

  1. Click the chat icon    to start a discussion.
  2. The task owners and creators are the default participants.
  3. Add new participants before you start the discussion.
  4. Click the chat icon    to catch-up on the previous discussions in the history.

Besides, you can also delete or edit a conversation. To edit or delete a particular conversation hover over it,  click and select Edit or Delete option.

  • New participants cannot be added later.
  • This feature is available for Express, Premium, and Enterprise users.

Sort Tasks

Sorting tasks helps you to focus on specific information for any desired column in project management.

  1. Sort tasks in the Classic View based on their Priority, Start Date, Status and Task name. Click and then select the desired criteria to sort tasks.
  2. Sort tasks in the Plain View by Status, Start Date, Due Date, Priority, %Completed, and Completed On fields. Navigate to the column header and click on the column name to sort tasks.

Maintain Task Order

Retain task's sequence in the same order even after closing a few tasks by enabling the Maintain Task Order under task setting.

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