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Task Budget

Create budget at task level and track project budget as a sum of all task costs. The Project budget threshold will be calculated based on the task budget threshold. The threshold will be updated once every three hours. Click "Calculate now" on the project dashboard to update the threshold. Task budget can be set based on amount or based on hours.


  1. Track budget by Task amount or hours.
  2. Can be compared with the actual cost/hour of tasks.
Feature Availability: Premium and Enterprise plans. Also available for CRM Plus and Zoho One users.


  1. Budget should be enabled for the project or your portal should be integrated with Zoho Invoice / Zoho Books.
  2. Budget type of project should be based on Task Amount / Task Hours.

Set Budget for a Task

  1. Create a new project. You can also enable task budget by editing an existing project.
  2. Scroll to the Budget section in the new project form.
  3. Click on the Project Budget drop-down.
  4. Select Based on Task Amount/Based on Task Hours.
  5. Enter other project details and click Add.

Create Budget for a Task

  1. Select a project from the Projects tab in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Tasks tab in the top band to open the Classic or Plain view.
  3. Click Add Task in the upper-right corner.
  4. Enter the task details.
  5. Fill-in the Task Budget and Budget Threshold fields.
  6. Click Add.

Track Budget Health

Navigate to the task module, click  and select Overrun from Budget field. The log hours can be marked as billable in case a cost is charged to the client and as non-billable to indicate that the hours are not charged. When team members log time for the task, it will automatically calculate the actual cost of the approved billable hours. This updates the budget in real time.
  1. At Risk  : (Actual < Budget) && (Forecasted (cost/hours) > Budget)
  2. Overrun: Actual (cost/hours) > Budget
  3. Surplus  : Forecasted (cost/hours) <= Budget
 If task budget is not set the planned amount/hours will be considered to track the budget health.
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