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Task Reminders

Working on multiple tasks can be tedious and you can lose track of your work. Task reminders can help you stay on top of your work by sending timely emails. With task reminders in Zoho Projects, you don't miss a single task.


  1. Set reminders daily, on due date, or any number of days before due date.
  2. Reminders can also be set for a specific date
  3. Notifications can be sent to individual users or teams
  4. Reminders will be pushed to the feed and also sent via email

Set Reminder

  1. Click the Tasks module and select Add Task to create a new task. 
  2. Click on the Reminder field.
  3. Reminders can be set Based on due date or on a Specific Date.
  4. Based on due date lets you set reminders Daily, On due date, or at certain Day(s) before due date. Enter the number of days if you select the Day(s) before due date option.
  5. Specific date allows user to set a date and get notifiction on that particular date.
  6. Set the time.
  7. Select users or teams in the Notify Users field.
  8. Click Set Reminder.

In Remind on, if you select:

  • Daily: The reminder mail will be daily till the due date.
  • On due date: A reminder mail will be sent on the due date.
  • Day(s) before due date: A reminder email will be sent before the due date based on the number of days set.

Here is a quick run-down on how to set reminder from task details page

  1. Click the Tasks module and select any task.
  2. In the task details page, click Reminder
  3. In case of Specific date, select the date and add users to notify them about the task.
  4. Click Set Reminder.
  5. If the reminder is based on the due date, select the Reminder type, enter Time and users to notify.
  6. Click Set Reminder.

The reminder for the task is successfully updated. An email is also automatically triggered for the set time period. However, you cannot set reminders for elapsed dates in Zoho Projects.

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